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Les Rondes

The project at glance :

Les rondes are  weekly rhythmic meditative dance sessions led by a dancer and choreographer. These sessions, accessible to all, aim to give energy and encourage people to keep moving - together - despite the social distancing and isolation that we experience

The origins of the project:

I am a malagasy dancer and choreographer born in France.  I started my career in New York where I created my dance company in 2011. Through my dance projects, I teach, I create and I pass on movement and dance to a wide audience ranging from professional to non-professional.   My job is to awaken the sense and make us feel human. On a daily basis, my job consists of creating solutions to problems that seem unsolvable. Art, in my case movement and dance has the potential to carry change - individually and for our society. This project is in alignment with this idea of bringing a change: to create an opportunity to provide a safe space for people to move, release emotions, and to develop personal well-being. As a human being, it is crucial to stay in motion and to connect with our bodies to live and stay healthy - mentally and physically. It is also vital to stay connected to each other to continue to feel human. 

This is why I am embarking on this new adventure and offering my expertise in movement to bring joy and live therapeutic moments through dance.



The project in detail:

The project is the launch of the concept of Les Rondes: group rhythmic meditative dance session. These are not dance classes but they are sessions that enable the participants to reconnect to one-self by being in a safe space to express one-self through movement and release the stress. It is perfectly suited for beginners. For movement experts/dancers, it allows you to take a moment for yourself and keep social contact, even if virtual.

A market study was conducted online about this project. After receiving and considering about sixty responses, test sessions took place during the month of November.  

Feedback regarding the benefits of Les Rondes was positive and allowed the project to move forward with the launching of the first session.

This how, on Sunday, November 29, the first Ronde open to the general public took place.

The role of contributors:  

In order to grow, this new project needs support. An investment related to the creation of a new business structure had to be made. In this difficult times in which performing artists have to live without ressources for months, the investment made is significant.

By helping to finance the costs related to the launch of my new activity, you can choose to take part in the first rounds during the month of December and January - with a contribution of 9 euro. ( Group session are held in French but Private session: Ronde en solo, Ronde de noël could be given in english.) If you are not interested in taking one of Les Rondes but you believe in the power of spreading good energy through movements and want to support the project, you can contribute with a donation of your choice and make some noise by sharing this campaign via social media, email, oe even during a phone call with a loved one.

All great vibes and contributions will be received with gratitude! 

Waar dient de collecte voor


What will be the crowdfunding for?


In order to give these sessions to everyone, an adequate business structure had to be created.  This resulted in the costs of paying for an administrative support service as well as the website upgrade that allows to receive payment online. In addition to these fees, there is also the KissKiss BankBank commission. 


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