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Did you know that by 2050 the amount of plastic in the world’s ocean could weigh more than the entire fish population? And that 100,000 marine creatures a year die from plastic entanglement? This is why the plastic problem must be a concern for everyone.

For this reason, we created Shappy&Co. We are a group of five motivated young people who have the ambition to be the generation of change. But for this change, we need your support.

We are all very motivated EDHEC students. We created Shappy&Co as our first-year project in the school. We are very proud to be able to have an impact on this big issue that is plastic pollution. In the team, we have many ideas as well as the ambition to succeed. However, to be able to make these ideas come to reality, in the most meaningful way, we need your help.


Our association is meant to sensitize people around the plastic issue. Our team wants to propose easy solutions for everyone to provide a better future for our planet. 

For example, we created CHALLENGES FOR 2019, a campaign on our social media. We post two challenges each week to propose more responsible ways of consuming.

By supporting our campaign you will help to clean protect first. But more importantly you will help to bring awareness among people concerning consumption's changes, so one-day oceans won't need to be cleaned anymore. Every little step, every donation, and every support will show the way for a greater change. 


Waar dient de collecte voor

Want to know more about where this money will go? Depending on the success of our fundraising, we will be able to achieve three different steps.

The first one will be to use the money to bring awareness among children by meeting them in schools around Lille in March/April. Children represent the future, thus it is essential that they are aware of the changes that need to be made. If we can touch them today, they will be more likely to act in a conscious way throughout their life. We will use the money to organize these meetings and to create dynamic activities for them to understand the plastic pollution and its importance. This activity doesn't represent a huge cost but we would need around 30€ to cover our transport fees, some supplies for the activities and if possible, some little gifts for the children.

The second step will consist of investing in plastic-free and reusable products (Cups, pieces of cotton, bags, ...) in order to organize a sell. This would be a way of bringing awareness among people once again but more than this, we would directly offer them solutions. These different products allow reducing waste and the use of plastic. For the moment we have three partnerships, two with reusable bottles brands: Kollab and DrinkBig; one with a beauty product brand: Lamazuna. As we are treated as retailers in this project, we need money in order to pay all the shipping costs and more importantly in order to pay the brands prior to the sale when we couldn't negotiate other conditions. Moreover, having money would help us invest in more products in order to touch more people. For this part of the project, we would need around 120€. 



Finally, our last step would be to show our contribution to the great organizations which do a remarkable prevention and protection's job. In order to achieve this, we would like to donate all the remaining money to our partner Surfrider Foundation Europe. They have efficient ways of limiting plastic pollution and changing people's mentality on the subject. They are also doing a remarkable job in sensitizing people around the issue. But their job doesn't stop here! They are also conducting studies in order to quantify and define waste, so they have more efficient ways of putting an end to it. Moreover, they create petitions or try to put pressure on governments/local actors, so they adopt some changes such as banishing plastic bags. SFE is present around all Europe (37 offices with volunteers in 9 countries concerning more than 1500 poeple). They works with volunteers who act at the local scale by sensitizing citizens around the question of the protection of oceans. 
In order to support their work, we want to give them all the remaining money from this fundraising as well as the profit from the sale. However, we would like to have a bigger impact by donating more money.


We are counting on your generosity and your wish to help our planet as much as we would like to.

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