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LiKE déménage !

LIKE – European cities and regions for culture turns 23 this year. After 3 years spent in Lille in small and unfunctional facilities, it is time for us to move into a new, more practical, more scalable office so that we could consider our future development in more serene terms. We want to take advantage of this evolution to create there the same open, cultural and cooperative environment our organisation promotes throughout Europe.


(The Chairman, Treasurer and Bernard Stiegler!)

(Chairman Michaël Moglia invited to speak about "Welcoming refugees with dignity")


Nearly 100,000

This is the number of local authorities in Europe. Cities, departments, provinces, counties, regions - it is at these levels, much more than at the national level, that everyone lives, communicates, loves, militates; and it is at these levels that collective action most directly and importantly affects our lives.

Our network wants to act for culture and the arts where they are most impactful. For so, we federate 110 of these local authorities in 26 European countries sharing the same vision about culture and the arts being formidable tools for education, development and empowerment. When they join our network, these local authorities commit to create a privileged place for culture and the arts in their policy-making, so that they are in the immediate environment of citizens. Through our platform, these local authorities share their experiences, their doubts, their questions with each other. This way, LIKE brings Europe closer to everyone by making cooperation our main value: we associate representatives of the cultural sector with each of our works and reflections, and partner up with cultural networks on numerous occasions.

Cultural cooperation and culture of cooperation

Cooperation: this is the key value of LIKE. By enabling them to meet, reflect and act together on how to put the transformative power of culture and the arts at the heart of their policy making, our organisation wants to promote a new way of thinking about the European society. More cooperative, more participatory, more cultural: these are also the working horizons of our team. In order to carry out these various missions, LIKE will be moving into new premises in Lille, in the heart of the Hauts-de-France Region, and we want to model these new offices in our image.


(We like to take selfies with certificates saying that we do contribute to the strengthening of the role of civil society in policy making)

(Posing Chairman, Treasurer, team members and Miren Azkarate, Deputy Mayor of Donostia/San Sebastian)

Waar dient de collecte voor

Cooperative, participative, cultural 120 sq. m duplex

So that this move does not affect our already fragile general budget, which in any case we wish to dedicate entirely to our pro-European and pro-cultural actions, LiKE organises a collection to finance its move to its brand new space.

The new premises will be much larger than the previous ones for a similar rent. We want to take advantage of this space saving to make cooperation possible. Here is the idea:

    Upstairs: offices where the LIKE team and partner cultural structures will be based.

    On the ground floor, we want to create a flexible work and meeting space, equipped and shared with the associative structures and cultural organisations that would like to take advantage of them on a punctual basis. On reservation, they could therefore have a space of 65m² to organize their meetings, their official presentations, their press conferences, their Bureau meetings and other General Assemblies.

The profit would be double. On the one hand, organisations could take advantage of LiKE's equipment and resources. In addition to the co-woking spaces, they would also have access to a coffee corner and a kitchen, computer equipment, printers... as well as a multi-language library around cultural policies in local authorities, that we have constituted throughout 23 years working in all corners of Europe. They could also benefit from the LiKE team's advice on European partnerships, community financing and the development of their projects.

Conversely, by allowing associative and cultural actors to invite themselves into the walls of a network of local political leaders, LiKE wants to confront its ideas, its projects, its ambitions for culture to the realities of the sector. These two spaces of co-working are thought up to be a way for us and our members to never disconnect from the actors of the cultural sector and thus to enrich our own work of foresight and projects.


(we do not really look like this but we do want to work hand in hand just like they do)


But to achieve this ambitious project, we need you! We will soon leave our old furnished facilities to find ourselves between bare walls and wish to seize the opportunity to finally become the owners of our means of production so that we can make them available to organisations and their projects. We already have a printer, shelves / bookcases and small office equipment, but for example we have a compelling need for computers.


(we do not even have a table for saucisson and champagne!)


LIKE will receive the whole amount of money and this is how we would like to allocate it:

First of all, during the first week of January, we will refresh our new walls with a paint stroke (800€)

Then, our first purchase will be that of computers and furniture for the offices on the first floor (3 desktop computers x 1000,00 € & 5 office desks and chairs 1000 €) so that we can hope for our associated organisations to settle down comfortably at the end of January.

On January 22, we plan to open doors and throw a new year party to visit the space downstairs and show how we are thinking to accomodate it (a large although adaptable meeting table and chairs,1200 € ; projector and screen 500 €)

By mid-February, we hope to have the first people using our meeting room thanks to your generous donations!

  +  For KissKissBankBank people (500 €)


And if the funding exceeds our expectations?

If we exceed 7000 €, we plan to invest in the accessibility of our resource center by providing the library space with sofas and reading lamps. Thank you all for your generosity !

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