LITF chante Noël

Help LITF release a new Xmas single!

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LITF chante Noël

LITF (LITF site), your (future) favorite band, has already recorded two new, unreleased, beautiful Xmas songs. They can be listened to in private mode on soundcloud, here is one:


Lest these valuable pieces end up on the bottom of an obscure tasteless mp3 play list, and to make a real Xmas gift, they will be pressed into a wonderful 7'' vinyl in a snowy white coat.  


To do that, we need your help! Your standard contribution will be €10 per disk. If we gather €1000, we'll launch the production, and will deliver (shippping costs included for metroopolitan France).


Well; let's be honest, you will not have this masterpiece under the Xmas tree, except if you like to keep it until all thorns are down... but you will have it in January or February: ideal for the Chinese New Year. The purchase of the plate (which will be autographed) will also provide access to mp3 files. 


LITF has released a LP in 2011 (LITF on Deezer), part of some proposed contributions... so no sweat, we know how to make a record. Including in diverse musical styles:


In short, one click, and you launch the production of a litfic and fantastic collector!


Do a good deed, and Santa will remember.


Waar dient de collecte voor

The collected funds will be used to press 300 pieces of the 7' single "LITF chante Noël", which will include 2 tracks: "Ramone ramone" and "Pousse ton caddie".

Contributors will receive (for €10) the autographed disk, based on a magnificent design of Marie member of the group (shipping cost included for metropolitan France), and an access to download the songs in mp3 format.


The other proposed contributions will also help realize this project, and will give you access to these songs and others, according to the chosen formula.


ALL formulae include a surprise. Since it's a surprise, we don't say what it is.


The total cost of this operation is more than €2000 including tax. Vinyl pressing alone (starting with the recordings already done) is around €1600 including tax.


Our collection objective of €1000 will allow us to launch the fabrication of the plates and to send them to the contributors (shipping included for metropolitan France). But with €1000 collected, we are in deficit.

So up to €2000 collected, we'll keep the funds while obviously serving all the orders, even if they go beyond the quantity limits that we've indicated.

Beyond €2000, the collected funds will be used to record a new LP album in 2015, knowing that we have around 15 new songs ready.  The contributors to "LITF chante Noël" (10€ and more) will enjoy preferred purchasing conditions to the songs of the new album.


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