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Live Session pour les artistes tunisiens

What inspired Pulp events' Live session were many youtube videos.

The main focus is to give the many talented Tunisian artists a window through which they can gain fame . Which isn't an easy feat when you lack funding.

So we've decided to allow these artists to participate in this video concept for them to have a better visibility on the national and international stage.

We want to extend the project to a full year activity and thus give the chance to a greater number of artists to be produced (at least around twenty artists)

We have the means of doing so, having the best tools at our disposal to achieve our goal. We only need a financial contribution from anyone interested and touched.

There are two main reasons that motivated us to create this concept :

The obvious lack of good quality content from artists on youtube.

The constant demand from events and festivals producers to sample the artist's work before putting them in their schedule.






The Live session's beginnings :


Pulp's live session concept is based on many different youtube videos, some of them done by institutions like radio KEXP, Seattle which produces many great artist such as Bonobo, beats antique and others.

This idea has been around for a while, slowly but surely taking form in our minds.

Thinking of what we could do locally, we automatically thought of putting forth our artists that cruelly need more material and visibility. The idea quickly gained weight as artists and participants felt interested by the concept.




The participants :


Thanks to our network, we were able to bring in many different skills needed to execute this project.

An audiovisual production company accepted to help us, taking care of all the editing and directing. Indeed, TUNISTUDIO gave us a hand and joined us in our journey to achieve a more professional outcome.

Another studio, Atlas Vision, invited us in their quarters for the filming and helped us on a technical level ( camera + lens).

2 sound engineers also joined us, bringing even more passion and support in.

And loads more people helped us out with the set and with all the little details that made the Live Session a reality that met our expectations.





The Live Session's focus :

The Live session project is a project that's trying to bring hope on the cultural scene In a country that doesn't respect the artist's copyrights, most of them only manage thanks to all the shows and concerts during the year.

But even that is tough when they don't even have a mean of promoting their work.

Thanks to the Live Session, these artists will finally have a way to show the country and the world what they're capable of. That's why this project could play a major role in their succes.





We would be happy to develop this concept and enable its steady and sustainable growth. So we've decided to appeal to kissbankers' goodwill for help in this adventure.





Support our project and participate in the Live session's production for the promotion of Tunisian artists.

Waar dient de collecte voor

This fundraising will enable us to pay for the filming and recording of the concept.

You also need to understand that we've only managed to put our hands on competant helpers and partners in exchange of a small fee.

The 8500 euros asked will primarly help us pay for the technical aspect of many other live sessions (10 Live sessions * 2 artists per live * 2 videos per artist = 40 videos)

The funding will only serve to pay the daily spending created by this concept : Recording, Directing and Editing.

If the funding goes over the initial demand, all of the surplus will be used for even more Live Sessions and thus allowing more artists to promote their work.

Here's a preview of one Live Session recording.











For the first session, the beautiful and amazingly talented Najet Ounis and Hamza Zeramdini on the guitar perform Jill Scott's "Hate on me"




In its second live session, Pulp events showcases Nour Harakati and a sample of his acoustic version of the album "Deep water". "Deep water" was written and composed by Nour Harakati himself, at a time when he didn't believe in his art anymore. But he soon realized that music was his one true passion and that failure was only a state of mind that needs to be put aside.


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