Livres photos polaroïds "Des histoires dans la peau" et "Jouissances"

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Livres photos polaroïds "Des histoires dans la peau" et "Jouissances"


I always wanted to become a photographer, it was a bit like a dream that seemed inaccessible to me. I realize today that all this time I was unconsciously looking for ways to find my own path. Then, a little over 5 months ago, I spent a sleepless night understanding and conceptualizing what would become my photo project.  So I decided to work with Polaroid. The snapshot suits me perfectly: you never really know what to expect in terms of the result, you must let accidents happen, you can not retouch the photos ... the instinct plays a great role in taking Polaroid, and you have to learn not to control everything.



I think that if this click happened at that moment, it's because I needed to reconnect with the human being, to come out of a certain lethargy, a period of withdrawal into myself. That's why I started with the series "Stories in the skin": I wanted to ask people to tell me their story, big or small, powerful or light, sad or happy, beautiful or ugly. ..I meet these people, I take pictures, I give them the freedom to write their story as they see fit. I meet these people. In France, in Europe, soon in the United States and elsewhere ...  The photography is also a way to keep track of this moment, to let it vanish, but not without a memory.



In doing so, the themes have multiplied. Some clichés, some stories have become a means of chanting something ... feminism, bodypositiveness, self-acceptance, of all bodies, the rejection of all the shackles and diktats of our society.  I wanted to go further by thinking of another series called "Jouissances". To push the limits, fight taboos. Taboos on the nude, on the pleasure, and especially the feminine pleasure. I did not expect to experience moments as intense as those I have lived with the people who followed me in this project. Trust, abandonment, the unknown ...



I decided to share all these moments with you, all these images, all these stories. And in many ways! From the beginning I had plans to publish books of my series. These books will be published next March in partnership with nhudesmagazine (! I chose to collaborate with them because their works are really beautiful, and show a certain artistic sense.

The book "Stories in the skin" will be presented with several chapters, corresponding to different themes: moles / freckles, tattoos / piercings / bodmods, scars / marks, curves, love, the senses , bodies etc.  

The book "Jouissances" will offer a selection of the most beautiful pictures taken with these beautiful people who trusted me.  



 Polaroid photography is quite rare in the world of photography and for a good reason: the price of films is exceptionally high (nearly € 3 for each photo ...). Since I started, I took a lot of photos and I realized that if I wanted to continue, I would have to find sponsors. This is where you come in!  By participating in this funding, you will allow me to continue to buy my Polaroid films, buy a new camera that allows shooting closer to the subject (essential for this type of project), and so to continue to take new photos for my existing or future series ! In return, I offer you reproductions of my Polaroid, but also some original taken for the occasion (they will be unique for each patron). You can also order the books "Stories in the skin" and "Jouissances". Both in A5 format, and in very limited quantities.  


The counterparties will be sent to you at the end of the collection, except for the 2 books that will be published in March 2019!  

I thank you in advance for your support, and hope to meet you at one of the next exhibitions that I will do with these polaroids (Tours, Paris from October 25 to November 8, Limoges in November, or in the april/may ...)!

Waar dient de collecte voor

The first step of the collection will be used to buy Polaroid films that are priced at 20 € for 8 ... my different series ask me a lot of films, and if I want to continue, I'll need your help! It will also help me to settle exhibitions of my photos in different cities of France, europe and the U.S., The next being planned in Tours, Paris and Limoges. I will also be able to continue to meet the people I want to photograph, as I have been able to do across France and Europe in recent months.

If thanks to your generosity we reach the 2nd step at 1200 €, I can buy the device I've been looking for a few months ... let me introduce you!

The Polaroid SX70, in addition to its legendary class (you will agree!), Is a device born in the 70s, and that allows you to take pictures just 25cm away (against 60 or 90cm for more conventional devices)! It also has a reflex aiming to know better what the picture will look like in terms of framing and focus! It is found from time to time between 150 € and 200 €. I have been hunting it for several months, and it escapes me every time for different reasons ... since then I call it my unicorn!  

If we come to the 3rd step at 1300 €, I can buy a tripod that will allow me to make more stable shots, especially for my new series "Ghosts".

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