LovaLova's first album: KIZOBAZOBA

Participate in the creation of Kizobazoba, LovaLova's first album which will be released in September 2018

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LovaLova's first album: KIZOBAZOBA



When he was a child, Wilfried Luzele was a rapper at the church in his neighborhood. Growing up, he became a "Japanese" sapper. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa, he decided to dedicate himself to his music under the pseudonym LovaLova.



For the past two years, he has made a place for himself in Kinshasa's urban music scene. He is experimenting a mixed style of music that borrows as much from rock and ragga as from traditional Congolese music. His songs written in Lingala, Kikongo and French depict with humor and intensity daily scenes of life in Kinshasa. Sometimes, his texts leave reality to fly to phantasmagorical and colorful worlds. In his first EP, LovaLova brings together three of these first songs « TamTam », « Liquefaction de l’homme » and « Lova ».



His music and his artistic universe have already been presented at the 2014 Yango Biennale, the Kinact Festival in 2015 and 2017, the "Kinshasa 2050: Digital City" exhibition in 2017, the Kinshasa Collection project in Kinshasa and Berlin in 2017.







LovaLova's band is currently composed of guitarist Kabe, bassist John and percussionist Ado. (PHOTO) For several months, the team is in a state of permanent creation and aims to bring together its last 12 creations within the album KIZOBAZOBA.



In lingala, the term kizobazoba refers to an assembly of several tissues, often used by Congolese women. For the artist, Kizobazoba embodies the complexity of this album with multiple musical influences. This is also the name of the song he made in 2017 for the credits of the Kinshasa Collection web series. KIZOBAZOBA is the name of this participatory album and also represents the assembly of each of your contributions to make it exist!



The group has already started work in the studio and plans to release the album for September 2018.




2-Mobali nangai






8-Sonba kupe


10-Vieux Kibongue


12-Petit yo (feat. Oyo Project child)

Bonus- Special song dedication to contributors





For a year, LovaLova has been working with the children of Oyo Project, which provides artistic guidance to street youth in Kinshasa. Their song "Petit Yo" will be included in the album.






Counterparties can be sent to Kinshasa and to Europe. They will be delivered late August 2018, exclusively before the official release of the album.


Wilfried Luzele is also a designer, he has imagined for you original counterparties, craft and 100% made in Congo! His mini collection consists of a kizobazoba bag, a Kimono Wax (several patterns available) and his famous pancho Kizobazoba.


Waar dient de collecte voor

The group started the work by self-financing the recording of two songs, a third has already been financed by Oyo Project and the song "Kizobazoba" already exists for a while.



The funds raised will be used for:

Recording in studio / mix / mastering for 8 songs: 1000 euros

Production 150 CD: 300 euros

Manufacturing and sending Counterparties: 250 euros

KissKissBankBank fees: 100 euros




If you are so generous that the purpose of collecting is exceeded, we will use the extra money to make one or more clips for the album's songs . We already have lots of ideas and super directors with whom to collaborate!



Lucille de Witte will collect the entire collection on behalf of LovaLova. In addition to being the Wilfried Luzele's wife, she is also the improvised manager of the group and realizes all the visuals for the album.

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