Lueurs d'espoirs

Westbank, fall 1995 / 2015, a photo documentary in 3 steps, focusing on the Palestinian people's everyday life, away from the cliché.

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Lueurs d'espoirs


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« Glimmer of Hope » is a photographic project which started in 1995. I was, then, student in the last year of cinematography. Moved as many by the pictures of the conflict in Palestine, I decided to travel there to take everyday's life pictures of the Palestinians in the Westbanks.


I tried to stay away from the usual sensational cliche of the mainstream medias.  




In those days, floated the perfume of peace raised by the Oslo agreement signed in DC by Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat. I head for Palestine in early October '95 and decide to focus on East Jerusalem, Ramallah, Taybeh (the last Christian village) and Jericho.

I come back two weeks before the "peace ending" assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. 


Those were the last days of thin hope, an unbalanced peace, indeed, but still a form of peace...






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Going back to Palestine in 2015 or 20 years later, appears to me as a natural ongoing process, giving a real added value through the flow of time, miles away from the prime time shocking news worshipped by the media.



Today, my work is still about Palestinian's everyday life. Despite a heavier occupation, the Westbanks entered in the 21st century, its cell phones, its hipsters, its rock bands or its youth hostels.


A life much closer to us than the media would let us believe.





For too long now the identification with the Palestinian people has followed a path empathy through its pain. Through my pictures, I wish to bring the viewer to feel for the Palestinians a kind of sympathy one can feel for an old friend who we share precious moments with.



P h a s e   3  /  The book


Today's society is getting more radical everyday. Not only is it a matter of killing in a holy name : the process reaches our entire society. Intransigence is gaining ground in every aspects of our life. Political positions are sharper and harder and while our society has never been safer, sense of insecurity is growing everyday. Unidentified fears are quietly darkening our souls. This slow drifting towards irrationals threats is mining the very foundations of our multicultural society.  

Fighting this regression process seems to me essential. In this battle, weapons, wars and destructions are serving this unseen enemy. This combat must be led with a positive approach. It is all about building new bridges joining long disconnected communities of our lands.




The book "Glimmer of Hope" will be edited in pursuit of this aim. Giving life to a human view of the Westbank inhabitants is also a way to fight our own preconceived ideas.


This book will consist in an elaborated selection of 1995 & 2015 photos supplemented with personal notes and digital content such as sounds or additional photos


C o n c l u s i o n  /   g r o w   t h e    g l i m m e r


We're going through a inward-looking and fear of the other period. Fear being the irrationnel mother of hate and violence, it is my own belief that a positive attitude and a human touch are the best weapons to fight this plague.


Bearing that in mind, I'm writing these lines on my way back from the 2nd journey to Palestine. Therefor, do please come back often to check my news for I might soon share with you some photo memories of my trip !


Would this project raise your interest, please share it among your friends for it is by reaching a wider audience that  it will reveal its real potential !



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Those € 2.150 I do request from you shall be exclusively used for the printing of 100 copies of the book.   The specifications of the book : 230x260mm landscape, perfect bound, cover 300gsm, 108 pages 130gsm.     If your participations were to reach more than 100 %, the extra amount would be used to enrich the book with various papers, unfolding pages, etc.   And, most of all, the interest you show for this project is the fuel of my motivation.  

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