Lysistrata, un musical rock

A rock musical based on Aristophanes' comedy

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Lysistrata, un musical rock


The Story The men of Greece constantly go off to war, leaving behind their frustrated wives. One of them, Lysistrata, decides enough is enough. She brings together the women of the different city-states and exposes her plan to stop the war by hitting right where it hurts. They commandeer the public treasury and, because drastic times call for drastic measures, deliver an ultimatum to their husbands... no peace? no sex!


Soon, citizens of both genders are feeling the strain. Who will be the first to give in?


Lysistrata the Rock Musical is a comedy with a social conscience. Still relevant today, it uses humor and satire to criticize social inequalities on the grounds of gender, and to promote a society based on peace and a good dose of common sense.




Our vision

Lysistrata the Rock Musical transports Aristophanes' famous comedy into the early 1970s, the glam rock period: feminism is on the upswing; an air of freedom is blowing over the Western world; from Kiss to David Bowie, men are putting on makeup, while women are putting on the pants in the family. Anything seems possible. Even for Lysistrata, a devoted housewife, who one day decides to upset the balance of power and conquer legions of warriors armed only with strong determination and a little yellow dress.


Karine Kurek's ten original songs, composed for the show, are performed onstage with live music.



After a successful presentation of our work-in-progess at Paris's Vingtième Théâtre in January 2013, the show is already signing dates for early 2014.



The actors and musicians:


Waar dient de collecte voor

For the confection of costumes, essential to creating the 1970s atmosphere vital to our rock musical version of the show!


Lysistrata the Rock Musical will be resplendent in 16 different costumes created by our talented costume designer Maïna Thareau, whose work has been seen notably at the operas of Lyon and Bordeaux, and at the Comédie-Française.


Our calculations have been made on the basis of 300 euros/costume (some productions pay this price for one pair of shoes or one decent wig!), which gives us a total of 4,800 euros. The remainder of what we raise, will go to pay the costume makers for the hours of work provided.


Sketches of a few of the proposed costumes:


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