MA Collet - Sponsoring Concours international de joaillerie

Be one of my sponsors, be part of the influence of French creation and know-how internationally.

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MA Collet - Sponsoring Concours international de joaillerie

My project in 2 words:

Goldsmith jeweler, designer and creator of author jewelry, I am looking for sponsors to create two exceptional jewels and participate in the EUROPEAN PRIZE FOR APPLIED ARTS -2021.

Who am I:

Architects daughter, granddaughter and niece, I grew up with passion for history, architecture, drawing and art. I dreamed of becoming an archaeologist!

After studying law, not really conclusive … I worked as a designer then a project manager in the interior fittings of private jet. During years, I have worked with highly skilled craftsmen passionate about their profession, about perfection, and about safeguarding their know-how.

I was, however, missing something: being able to create freely, without constraints, by following my desires and my emotions.

I decided in 2011 to change my life and went back to school. I studied five years at the Jewelry Institute of Saumur (France) and obtained three diplomas to become a jeweler. After that I opened my first jewelry workshop in Maine-et-Loire (France).

And because “travelling forms the youth” … Now I live and work in Toledo (Spain).

My work, my project:

I didn’t want to stay frozen, petrified during this particular period that we are all going through. I reflected, I experimented and I transformed my work by directing my thoughts on inner strength, discouragement, storms, injuries and individual doubts.

Five jewels were created and presented at the V CONTEMPORARY GOLDSMITHING AND JEWELRY EXHIBITION. Four of them were selected to be part of the next exhibition of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid, from February 4 to March 21, 2021.

I would like to continue to promote my work and show that with jewelry, like with a painting or a sculpture, we can carry a message. More than ever, we need art and beauty.

I need you to create two exceptional pieces, to promote the value of crafts manship and to continue to fight with a message of hope.

Your contributions will allow me to participate in the following competition:  EUROPEAN PRIZE FOR APPLIED ARTS -2021 – open call January 29, 2021

In recognition to my sponsors:

The jewelry offered in thanks are part of my collections, they are handcrafted in my workshop.

Waar dient de collecte voor

Let's just talk about the founds I need:

  • To purchase materials to make the "Thank you"gifts. All jewelry will be handmade in our workshop - Card printing  Budget : 360 euros
  • To purchase fine and precious stones  Budget : 500 euros
  • To purchase metal: plate, wire, ... 300 grams of silver  Budget : 300 euros
  • To purchase workshop tools and consumables  Budget : 300 euros
  • For subcontractors: founder, gilder, lapidary  Budget : 380 euros
  • KissKissBankBank Commission 8%  Budget : 160 euros

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