Ma Saïsara "Love Project"

MA SAÏSARA / "LOVE PROJECT" - Support Ma Saïsara's musical journey after her 1st album! Bet on Love. Always.

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Ma Saïsara "Love Project"


Ma Saïsara, aka Maasai, is both a singer and a songwriter who has chosen a lucky charm stage name for herself. After a first album that was released a few years ago, she just finished writing her last new Love songs that she considers as Love presents. Inspired by different types of Creole music (from the Carribean islands, Brazil, Cape Verde, America), Ma Saïsara is now ready to record what has been nourishing her life the two last years. Before recording, she has been singing most of her new love songs in a work in progress to make them live on stage, or on occasion in front of an audience, whether she was performing solo or with wonderful musicians. Ma Saïsara is asking you for love and support. Please join the love campaign that she is launching here to record what she calls her "LOVE PROJECT" so that she can share it with you.


"As a young woman, I would stick postcards  on the wall that friends had sent me from their trips abroad . Back then, I did not have enough money to travel, That is when I promised myself that one day I would also go abroad, but that it would be with music, love and for others. A whole lifetime has passed since then.

It takes time to attain self-realization and to pursue dreams. In the end, after such a long wait, when your dreams finally come truethe feeling you get inside is so intense that you can’t even believe that this is happening for real. It is just like the first kiss magic!

A true love kiss makes life smile, and for me, betting on true love is the most possible beautiful bet ever. It opens the way to joy and brings the possibility to live and share the present moment, to create a common future, just being yourself and being generous to the world at the same time. Thus, I want to offer my "Love Project" to what has inspired me, to my love, and also to life.

Sending you music and love. Everything is yours already. For artists never write, sing, perform, or dance purely for themselves.  It would not make any sense.

See you soon!

Marion / Ma Saïsara (Maasai)


I have mostly written and worked on my new material between Paris and the Souh of France but also in Italy, Lisbon and Dublin. I was so lucky to be able to mould most of my new love songs  the same way clay can be kneaded, on occasion in front of an audience, in public gardens, rehearsal studios, on stage, in jazz clubs, opening for other artists.

Thank you to all the musicians who were there with me all the way (one shot or more regularly), and especially Kubix Guitsy, Amen Viana, Greg Emonet, Colin la Roche de Féline, Nenad Gajin, Jean-Baptiste Gbadoe, Pascal Reva, Cate Petit, Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Marco, Alkaly Diabaté, and to all those I will be playing with in the recording studio or on stage.

Special thanks to Aurore Deligny, Viviane Vagh, Nathalie Philip and Christophe Varaillas for their beautiful pictures.

Ma Saïsara’s portraits: ©Aurore Deligny


Waar dient de collecte voor

Recording of the new Love Songs & Pressing of the  "LOVE PROJECT"!


* If the 5000€ financial target is reached, my  "LOVE PROJECT" will take the shape of an EP (CD with 5 songs);

* If the financial target is exceeded and reaches 7000€, in addition to the EP, I will be able to record a few bonus tracks for contributors only as a first step ;

*  If the financial target is doubled and reaches 10 000€, my  "LOVE PROJECT" will turn into a full album (CD with 10 songs)


Panda Events will receive the entire fund-raising through KissKissBankBank (the present crowdfunding platform) for the exclusive use of the artist, so that her "Love Project" can be recorded and produced.

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