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Abyssin Productions ondersteunt het project: Macgray First Album

Macgray First Album

MACGRAY First Album - “Journey to the Dawn”

Strongly influenced by neoclassical (Nils Frahm), ambient (Aphex Twin, Brian Eno) and IDM (Max Cooper, Rone), Macgray’s first album “Journey to the Dawn” is a 60 minutes long story with ten chapters. The album composed and recorded in Brussels describes the collapse of a man's world and its subsequent reconstruction. Panic attacks follow glimpses of absolute calm. When the inner voice awakens, reality is buried. Shadows of the unconscious become real. The whirlwind of thoughts suffocates. There is no way out, only a sense of the imminent arrival of the end. The man rises, falls, rises, falls, till he finally learns to live again. The universe is no longer flawed. The voice survives but the man is now almost free.

“Journey to the Dawn” will be released in December 2019.

About me

I had an early introduction to music, learning classical piano at the Academy and later on jazz at Jazz Studio (Antwerp) and Jazz Bxl. I took some time off my work as a lawyer to spend more time on my dream: waking up every morning playing and composing music. I’ve been playing in different bands for years including a rock band (TOTM) and an electronic music ensemble (Bétøn). I had the chance to play in great venues (Flagey, Botanique) and last year I decided to spend most of my time on my solo project “Macgray”. The first solo concerts started this fall!



Now, the great news is that two music labels already support Macgray’s album! I am at the final stages of the album, but I really need your help to make my dream come true!!!

Abyssin Production (Belgium):                                  

Katuktu Collective (US):

Music Video - Brick and Mortar

Macgray’s first music video “Brick and Mortar” is built with thousands of images from GoogleStreetView. The song describes the panic attack of a senior executive close to burnout. From the awakening with haunting worries, marked by the fast and repetitive piano, to the sharp and brutal attack caused by the aggression from the outside world, we cross arid roads taken from the sky, a desert, a village, a city, cities, then people, the crowd and imposing buildings.

This music video has travelled to Poland and won the prize for the best music video at the Szczecin Film Festival. It has been selected and will be screened in November 2019 at Interfilm 35th International Short Film Festival Berlin / KUKI 12th International Short Film Festival

Release Party

A big release party will be organized at Fuse on 12th December 2019! The full concert will also include 3 other artists for a night to remember:

Elefan (live) (

Sparkling Bits (live) ( and

Polarized (DJ set till dawn) (

Also follow the project on

Facebook : 

Instagram : 



Thank you so much for your help!!!!

Waar dient de collecte voor

1. Mastering

The mastering will be done at LeftrightAudio ( by Dan D'Ascenzo. One of the most appreciated Belgian mastering engineers in the music industry, Dan D’Ascenzo has been working as a sound, mastering and mixing engineer for nearly 15 years. Dan started his career in 1991 as a DJ and worked throughout the BeNeLux region with different venues, including DJ residency for eight years with Rio Grande – Club techno German border and Katsu Club – Qyou. In his work/collaboration portfolio we find labels such as Universal Music, Sony Music, Defected, etc.

Mastering = 1000€

2. Promotion

An album is great, a music video too but… without promotion, it won’t be much. We would like to hire a good public relation manager and be able to start a media campaign on social networks to share the project with the world!

PR, media campaign = 1000€

3. Manufacturing CDs and Vinyl’s

Releasing a digital version of the album is great but if the campaign is successful, we will have the opportunity to press CDs and Vinyl’s.

CDs, Vinyl’s = 1000€



If we reach more than expected, what will we do?


A Music Video!

We will be able to make the music video for the track “An ending”. In this day and age, music videos are essential to a musical project. With your help, this could become a reality! The director Axel MEERNOUT (who studied at IAD) has always been passionate about the connection between music and images. He already worked on many interesting projects: Without saying too much (surprises are nice too!), the music video tells the story of a character named Alex, a member of a new race of humans. In this dystopic present, bearers of the mutation of mankind are viewed as slaves or pets. They are however, aside from a physical point of view, in all ways identical to us. Alex looks for his love, Blanka. He hasn’t seen her since she was sold. He will try to free her and flee in the hope of an impossible freedom…

Because the song is long (more than 7 minutes), this project is almost a short movie.

Budget: makeup, clothing, director, actors, cameras, locations, etc. = 5000€

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