MALASPIGA:Italian Tailoring, Eclectic Style, Limited Edition‏‏‏‏‎

Malaspiga has created a combination between the traditional italian tailoring and a new concept of an eclectic sophisticated style.

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MALASPIGA:Italian Tailoring, Eclectic Style, Limited Edition‏‏‏‏‎


Classic and contemporary inspirations that originate from art and architecture, cinematographic and music suggestions combined with an innovative approach in the search for colors and prints, bring Malaspiga to become a symbol of a sophisticated taste, which today represents new forms of elegance and an unconventional luxury.


The Malaspiga’s production is based on high quality fabrics, traced in the country in historic and prestigious centers of production, on a careful attention to detail and finishes, on a functional design and on expert italian craftsmanship, because for us the Made in Italy is not only synonymous with quality, but has always been a style recognized and appreciated around the world.


The garments are limited edition and come from a close relationship between the brand and the customer who chooses patterns and prints according to his personal taste to get the purchase of a unique and exclusive product, designed to last.


Wearable Works of art, then, that have their origins in a new concept of fashion’s fruition, based on new production logics that respect the environment and the work ethic, which do not include the serial production; every Malaspiga’s outfit or accessory arises exclusively from the will of our client who shares with us his love for the ethics and aesthetics.





Fabric by Carvico-BG- Italy

Printed by Printology-CO-Italy

Sewing by Glam-confezioni-BG-Italy

Packaging by Legatoria Pignone-GE-Italy




1.Craft box 25x25 cm 2.100% Silk Twill 3. Handmade hem


1.Top quality of LYCRA made in Italy 2.Interior silicone elastic tape 3.No visible stitches 4.Gold closed nickel free 5. All swimwear with lining


For more information contact us:




Alessandra Palermo: sales & marketing


Carlotta Tilli: design & production


Clivia Salino: design & art director







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