MALOYATLANTICTOUR : une année de découverte autour de l'atlantique

Two adults, two children, one sail boat and the Atlantic Oceans…

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MALOYATLANTICTOUR : une année de découverte autour de l'atlantique



MALOYATLANTICTOUR is a familial project of atlantic exploration, islands and its population. The departure is scheduled at the end of august and we plan to cross the Atlantic Ocean in november to reach caribean islands.




Beyond the travelling aspect, this project is the opportunity to have our children discover a different way of living and making new discoveries facing the beauty and the challenges of the ocean.


It is also a year of learning and discovering the maritime environment precious to our Britany region

Our daughters Maya and Cloé have registered to a program of following ocean turtles through STW charity organization. This project is in collaboration with the project Argonimaux from CNES (Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales) and will allow them to participate in educational missions of marine animals’ observation to better understand the lifestyle and the movements of these animals and the influence of weather variations and pollution on their journeys.


We are also looking forward to spending time with our daughters within this journey.


The crew

Four French Britany expatriated in Suresnes, West suburb of Paris missing the ocean, space and new horizons: Régis, the captain, an expert in coastal oceanography and offshore survey. Special mission for him constists to cross the atlantic ocean with us. 




Gigi (the teacher), Trainee doctor in ergonomics and handling; Her mission during trip : teaching  and school exchanges coordination.




Maya (9 years old) so called "Maya from the island",  photographer trainee and Cloe our little "seaman", 6 years old !




The boat

After several months of search and thought (To rent or to buy? Catamaran ou single-hulled vessels ? Alu ou polyester ?, ...), Our choice turned to the purchase of a FEELING 416 well known for its robustness, its qualities in terms of safety(security) and comfort. Its exceptional width (4.20m) offers an comfortable internal volume. But what the most seduced us it is the bridge(deck), vast, clear and little blocked. Not surprising, when we know that the bridge(deck) was drawn by Eric TABARLY and the hull and its arrangements by Philippe HARLE.


Despite these advantages, our MALOYA, monohull in polyester (1996) which must be again equipped for the deep-sea cruise!



The course



The Mediterranean Sea as a warm up sailing

Heading towards the Canary Islands

Crossing the Atlantic

And ... the Caribbean before sailing back to France. 



End of August 2014 : Sailing off La Ciotat, France

Mid October : Strait of Gibraltar

Mid November : Sailing off the Canary Islands

Mid December : Arriving in The Antilles

Mid June : Sailing Off The Antilles

Mid July 2015 : Back in France



Pleave visit us on for more informations on our trip and follow us on our blog. 


Waar dient de collecte voor

This one year family sailing cruise requires significant investments for comfort, energy on and safety board.


Among the numerous equipment purchased and installed, we are still in the need of installing additional systems and equipment on board and are currently raising money to finance these items:


-       1 Windvane system!



"self stearing wind" regulator


As one of my English colleague says: “having a regulator on your boat is like having another person on board without having to feed him”!

The regulator does not consume energy because its concept of operation is based solely on the action of the wind and water which allows the automatic pilot control of the boat. Battery problems does not only happen to others especially in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore to sail off with peace of mind and to prevent from any dangerous adventures, we have chosen to invest in this mechanical system.


Estimated cost: 3,700.00 euros.




If the collection exceeds the budget of the regulator, it will allow us to complete our equipment with:  

· 1 hydro generator (1000 Euros)

· 1 satellite phone (1000 Euros)


We will most appreciate all kind of financial help for our family sailing project and will be happy to share with you some of our sailing experience with the below sponsoring proposals. 

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