Ink Mandalas Calendar 2020

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Ink Mandalas Calendar 2020

” Each person’s life is like a Mandala -a vast, limitless circle. We stand in the center of our own circle, and everything we see, hear and think forms the mandala of our life “

Pema Chödrön

This project started in 2016 with a first series of black and white ink mandalas. This circular drawings represent my universe. Its a way of collecting my favorite things. After drawing a few very personal mandalas during a summer holiday, I was so happy that I wanted to share them in some way other than social networks. So I came with the idea of creating a colouring calendar.


Here a preview of the Mandala's Calendar 2018 :

Thanks to crowd funding and the support of many people around the world, my project became a reality! A 100 calendars were printed and delivered to distant corners of the globe. Some of them, were left on the wall even though the year was already finished! That is why, here I go again, for a new mandalas calendar.

Here a preview of the New Mandala's Calendar 2020 :


♥ Wall Calendar 21cm width x 42 cm heigh.

♥ 13 new Mandalas, and monthly calendar with the phases of the Moon.

♥ All hand drawn illustrated in ink over the last year and a half.

♥ Printed in high quality 100% recycled paper 250 gr/m2.

♥ White wire-O binder

♥ Language French

Perfect Christmas gift idea!



Waar dient de collecte voor

Raising money will help me to pay the printing of these calendars and at the same time it’s a way of pre-sell them. Crowd-funding allows me share my art with the whole world as well as finding support to keep on creating. Printing a 100 calendars costs €1200. If I manage to raise more money I could get paid for my creativity and the investment of time and material (paper and ink). If a raise lots of money I can buy frames for the originals drawings and expose them. I can even buy more material and continue to create new artworks. 

Every month, all through the year, my calendar will help you to organise your days and it will decorate your space. If you feel like you can even colour the mandalas for a mindfulness experience. And every time you look at this calendar it will a nice reminder that you are supporting a local artist of your community.

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