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Participate in the collaborative financing of a professional dryer and contribute to the production of high quality spirulina and more!

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MANJOLIVE ● safran ● spiruline ● goji ●

We (Sébastien and Céline Dalonis) have been farming saffron in Donnat (Sabran, Gard) since 2006 and are now at the turning point of a crucial development in our farm, MANJOLIVE, by:

launching the production of spirulina and acquiring a professional dryer, in order to dry spirulina and other superfood products.


And to make this development, we need you!




Saffron, spirulina, goji and more!


Ten years after planting our first bulbs and harvesting our first saffron flowers, we are proud to now be producing a high quality organic saffron, SAFRANUM, saffron of Provence (certified by Agriculture Biologique and Nature & Progrès).





Our saffron is used by Michelin starred chefs such as Lionel LEVY (Intercontinental Hôtel Dieu, Alcyone*, Marseille) and Armand ARNAL (La Chassagnette*, Arles, Le Sambuc), who have supported us since the very beginning and remain by our side, offering gastronomic rewards to you, our soon-to-be patrons (see 'Rewards Program' ;o).


And we thank them heartily!




Our clients, friends and partners also use our saffron on a daily basis, both for their cooking and well-being, and equally enjoy our saffron syrup and macarons (gluten and lactose free).




And all this is only the first stage in our adventure!


To find out more :







MANJOLIVE grows and the adventure continues!


All our products have a common ground: gastronomy, community and well-being.


Saffron requires a lot of work, especially when produced organically, so in order to maintain the quality of our saffron we have chosen to limit its production. Saffron alone can therefore no longer sustain our small family, and this is why we have chosen to diversify Manjolive's production.


Our new project is based on two crops: saffron and spirulina (see below for more details).


Alongside this, we will also start farming goji berries, the first in France!




Goji berries are small orange-red berries with a subtle but distinct flavour, another one of Mother Nature's miracle fruit, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Goji berries are mainly found in the European market as a dried fruit, as they come from China. We have begun trials, based on organic principles of course, and hope to be offering this product in the near future; not only as dried fruit, but also as fresh berries, a first within France and Europe!


On our estate you will also find vineyards and truffles, two crops that have been in the family for many years, and a permaculture orchard-vegetable garden is also under way.

In due time we will reintroduce the olive, that disappeared from our land following the great frost of 1956 (hundred-year-old roots still bear testament to them), and are also a great symbol of Mediterranean gastronomy and health.




We have so much more to tell you about ourselves and our ethos (see below) but first:


Spirulina - what is it?


Spirulina is above all a 'superfood', naturally possessing astonishing properties.

This microscopic algae is extremely rich in iron, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and micronutrients.

Dr DUPIRE has even written that "this is the most complete food that can be found on the planet".




It is generally taken as 'flakes' or 'twigs' (see photo), of which the nutritional value is maintained by drying at low temperatures to prevent the atomisation of molecules. Spirulina is also eaten in all kinds of recipes, from smoothies to dessert, via pesto, tapenade, vinaigrette and guacamole!


Its original and lightly savoury flavour, along with its blue-green appearance will not leave you indifferent.




The healthfood blogosphere is teeming with recipes to introduce spirulina into our daily eating, such as Karen Chevallier's,


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An undeniable energy concentrate that will add an original touch to your dishes, spirulina will also help you stay healthy while delaying signs of ageing.

Many scientific studies support its virtues.


This small blue algae was no less than one of the first living organisms on Earth. Existing on our beautiful planet for over 3.5 thousand years, spirulina is bursting with vitality, acting to boost our health, our healing capacity (increased strength for sport and intense activity) and our immune system (for defence and protection against auto-immune diseases).


Spirulina's properties were already recognised by the Aztecs, and spirulina still makes up part of the traditional diet of many people in India, Africa and South America.




Thanks to its exceptional properties, spirulina serves a large variety of purposes such as saving children suffering from malnutrition in Africa and nurturing NASA astronauts with recipes prepared by Alain DUCASSE including gnocchi à la spirulina (see above - copyright ADF Alain Ducasse).


Spriulina is even to be presented at the French Pavilion at the MILAN World Expo in 2015 that carries the theme 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life'.




Spirulina - who for?


Spirulina is recommended to anyone who is health conscious but also to anyone interested in improving the quality and originality of their cooking!


Spriulina offers something for everyone, in particular health benefits for:


- sports people and those undergoing intense physical activity (for healing and protection against injuries)

- women, of all ages, including those who are pregnant or breast feeding

- young children (as a prevention and cure of iron and other deficiencies)

- seniors or other individuals suffering from problems such as high cholesterol or arthritis.


As well as being an exceptional dietary supplement, spirulina encourages digestion, detoxification and acid-base equilibrium in the body (being a highly alkaline food).


Biologically classified as algae and consumed raw after drying at low temperatures, spirulina is an excellent and ecological alternative to animal proteins.


Spirulina is therefore perfectly suited to vegetarians, vegans or crudivores, and is a great supplement to specific diets, such as gluten, lactose and animal protein free, as well as paleo, raw food, Seignalet and Kousmine to name a few!


With all these qualities, it's easy to see why we are starting to see spirulina appear as a superfood and food supplement on the shelves at our pharmacies, organic supermarkets and healthfood stores.




Spirulina - how?


We want to produce a high quality spirulina.

Production will be of an artisanal nature, following organic principles, respecting the biorhythm of this microalgae and following the natural development pace of a healthy, local, reliable and sustainable food.




Our spirulina will grow in greenhouses, in shallow pools (approximately 15cm of water), thereby reproducing the ideal conditions of algae growth within their natural environment.


To achieve this, we have already installed a greenhouse that is 106m long by 8m wide, providing a total surface of 848m2.

In this greenhouse we intend to install 4 pools of algae (2 that are currently being assembled, 2 to be assembled in 2016). Each pool is 50m long and 3m40 wide, with a central ridge, each with a paddle wheel (made lovingly by us using stainless steel and PEHD, thanks to the help of an experienced fellow spirulina farmer) for the purpose of stirring the water.




In order to harvest the algae, the water, dense with spirulina, will be driven, using a small vortex pump, from the crop pool to the harvest pool and into our harvest laboratory.

The laboratory was designed in order to optimise the yield and in keeping with the standards of food hygiene (NB: No specific standards are currently in place for spirulina production).

It has been integrated into a low energy consuming building that we built in 2014 next to the greenhouse.

As you may have noted the building is still under construction.








Above you can see the view from the laboratory :o) The same view can be seen from our courtyard.


The water (or culture medium), with a high concentration of spirulina, will reach the lab and be passed through an extremely fine filter (of 30 microns) in order to collect the microalgae that forms a type of paste known as biomass. This biomass will then be transformed into fine threads, which allows for efficient drying at low temperatures (45°C maximum) in order to preserve all of the algae's qualities.




After drying, these 'threads' will then be broken to form spirulina 'twigs'; the form of spirulina that is easiest to digest and guaranties an artisanal spirulina of high quality.


The drying process is therefore an essential stage in spirulina production.


And that's where you come in!


Waar dient de collecte voor

This collective will serve to finance the industrial dryer.


A proessional dryer - what for?


We need an industrial dryer for the main purpose of drying our spirulina under the best conditions.

Secondly, we will also be able to use the dryer to add value to other products from our farm.

Other products that will make their way through the shelves of our dryer include goji berries, saffron flowers, quince, fresh tomatoes and so on.

And why stop there! We can also include all sorts of fruit and vegetables, mushrooms (yum!), fruit skins, wild and cultivated plants and many other of Nature's marvels!





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So which dryer?


As environmentally conscious individuals, we initially envisaged a drying system powered directly by solar energy. We are yet to find a system of this kind that would allow for optimum drying conditions to be maintained during the hot summer months of April to October, in spite of the weather.


This is why we have decided to invest in an electric industrial dryer.


The Machine


We have selected a magnificent specimen of Italian origins (drying those threads will be no challenge for this beast). The machine in entirely stainless steel, initially designed for drying fruit and vegetables and has already proved its capabilities to fellow spirulina farmers.




This dryer and its 72 stainless steel shelves provides a total capacity of 25m2 with which we will be able to achieve the production of our wildest dreams :o)


And despite its gleaming mechanical appearance, the machine is energy efficient.


What's more, it will be powered, as is the case for all our electrical equipment, by green energy. In fact, we are clients and cooperative members of Enercoop, energy providers who exclusively offer 100% renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro and biogas), to members and the public.


Our Budget


The retail price of an industrial dryer of 25m2 is € 13,990 in the French market.

We have raided our piggy bank and negotiated as far as possible to get a preferential rate with the Italian producer in order to make a group purchase with other producers from the Fédération des Spiruliniers de France (Federation of French Spirulina Farmers), of which we are already members.


We therefore need to raise the total sum of:


€ 7 200       for the industrial dryer

+ € 576       = 8% shared fees of kisskissbankbank

(5% for KKBB and 3% bank fees)


TOTAL:  € 7 776   rounding up to € 7 777 (since we're just a little superstitious!)

And to achieve this we have 40 DAYS!


40 DAYS to complete the installation of the greenhouse + harvest laboratory

40 DAYS to launch our spirulina production

40 DAYS to secure financing (without having to ask our banks again)


WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!


And what if we exceed our set goal and obtain € 10,000?


If your confidence and support allow us to exceed the goal of the collective, we will invest the additional funding in the following ways:


€ 1,000 for more professional laboratory materials (high precision scales, etc.)

€ 1,000 for packaging material




€ 3,000 for the installation of a 3rd crop pond

€ 3,000 for the installation of a 4th crop pond


And if we exceed even that, the additional money will continue to allow us to comfortably develop our product range, marketing, website and so on!!




Donations and rewards


In order to support us you can make donations and in exchange you will receive fantastic rewards.

You can also spread the word by talking about us to anyone who will listen!

For the firts people who will donate, there are "bonus rewards" offered by our partners whi we want to thanks one more time :

Intercontinental Marseille Hôtel Dieu, Les Maisons d'Arles, le Domaine de GressacLes Suds, à Arles et la Maison des Rituels du Monde.




::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


Transport costs

Transport costs are included for rewards shipped within France and Belgium.

We're also happy for any chance to put rewards directly into your hands or pass them to you through intermediaries, such as common friends where possible (they stretch as far as Brussels!).

If you happen to be based somewhat further away, please donate a little more than the minimum donation for the reward to cover the additional delivery costs (EUROPE: € 5 more, OUTSIDE EUROPE: € 15 more).

Any question? Just ask us ;o)




Our Contact


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by email (, through our facebook page or directly by telephone (+33 4 66 89 00 89 / +33 6 21 70 13 77).




Manjolive - who are we?


MANJOLIVE is the result of a somewhat risky gamble, made over 10 years ago, to create a place where Nature reigns, where one can work and live well, in accordance with our personal values.


'We', that's Sébastien DALONIS and Céline GARCIA NAVIO, born in Donnat and Brussels, of Italian, Provençale, Belgian and Spanish origins, raised in a Mediterranean culture of community, lovers of beautiful and noble plants, as well as challenges of ridiculous proportions!

We have increased our ranks with time and are now joined by Noé, a young boy of almost 2, already a great consumer of olives and spirulina, and Hindi, an Australian Shepherd of 3 years, the guardian of our temple!




To achieve our objective we have chosen to take back certain parts of our family’s land and to abandon others, in order to grow the marvels that Nature has to offer and use these to create products of exceptional quality.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our family and friends, on whom we can always rely, along with all the professionals who have trusted in us along this adventure.

We love you!!!


Saffron, spirulina, goji, etc - why these crops?


- They are marvellous, exceptional, magical!

- They fulfil the essential values of community and health, at your very own table.

- They only require a small surface of land and water (we are based in one of the most arid regions of France).

- They allow you to spread the harvest out over the year and maintain a high quality product, while being focused on an artisinal and family oriented production.

- They are farmable, sustainable, complementary and therefore feasible.


Saffron, spirulina, goji, etc - how?


To produce these marvels, we have chosen to do so:

- with love,

- with high standards of quality,

- with respect for everyone (including farmers, consumers, flora and fauna).


We carry the Agriculture Biologique (FR-BIO-10) and Nature & Progrès labels.


We do not benefit from any aid or subsidies generally designated to agricultural entities.


The viability of our company is entirely based on the real market, generally local, on the time we invest and on elbow grease... and of course on the confidence invested in us by our peers and our clients.


And we are proud!


Manjolive - where is it?


Manjolive is in Donnat, within the Commune of Sabran (Postcode 30200), in the low Valley of la Cèze, lying between Provence and Languedoc, within the Gard Provençal and Gard Rhodanien. Here we drink apéro and good wine from the Côtes-du-Rhône (but not exclusively!), we admire Mont Ventoux, we play petanque...Here we smell thyme, lemon and fresh market produce... Here we are between Avignon and Uzès, between Camargue and Cévennes, between the sea and the river...






Kies je beloning

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