15 minutes between life and death.


Het project van A tot Z

Nazi occupied France - January 1943


Joseph is a young and inexperienced priest whom the Nazis have summoned in the middle of the night to extract a French resistance fighter's confession prior to her execution. He has 10 minutes to choose between his vows to his faith and a terrified woman's last dying wish to be kissed by a man. 


15 minutes of life in 15 minutes of film. 


This somewhat classic concept will allow us to shed light on this utterly human fear of time passing too quickly... in the blink of an eye, the war lord will turn back into the father, the man of God will remember he is but flesh and blood and the heroine will give way to Manon : a frightened maiden who's never been loved. 


It's this urgent humanity, suddenly dwarfing the inhumanity of war that makes Manon a story we feel the need to share with the world.  


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Quentin Montagne (co-author and director)



Quentin is a 26-year-old french director who's peculiarly interested in pop-culture, exploitation film and mythology. He studied editing at the french cinema school ESRA where he took part in several productions as an editor, screenwriter and director ; most notably "L'Absente", "La Fille Coupée en Deux" and "2000 km". His brother and him then went on to found the production company called Open Book Pictures that teamed up with Moon Maid Pictures in the making of "Do You Believe In Magic". He believes in the power of imagination and in a prominent role for fiction in our lives. He aspires to shoot ambitious and moving films... starting with Manon.


Astrid Roos (Manon)




Pacôme Tabariès (father Joseph)




Jules Werner (Colonel Altermann)




Clément Magre (Officer Hassler)





Hier dient het geld voor...


Pre-production :


- Art direction (mainly illustrating) : 600€

- Director's 1st assistant prep : 300€

- Location manager prep: 300€


 Principal Photography  (Luxembourg - 4 days) :


- Team (10 x 100€ / day) : 4000€

- Costumes : 1000€

- Accessoiries : 1000€

- Set design : 1000€

- Location management : 1000€

- Rentals : 3000€

- Transport : 1500€

- Assurances : 500€

- General expenses : 2000€

- Production : 2000€

- Risk provision : 2000€


Post-production :


- Mixing : 300€

- Soundtrack : 700€

- 20 festival entree fees : 500€

- 2 festival attendances : 2000€

- Financial fees : 700€


Overall budget : 25 400€

Moon Maid Pictures

My name is François Pérennès and I am a 26-year-old producer and screenwriter. In 2011 Brice Montagne and I co-funded Moon Maid Pictures in order to produce our 1st short film "Do You Believe In Magic", which we have had the privilege to present at the Festival de Cannes' Short Film Corner. We hope that you will love our newest venture, "Manon", and will... Meer bekijken

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