MAP Patho: 1st free medical directory sorted by pathology

Help us to develop the 1st free medical directory sorted by pathology

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MAP Patho: 1st free medical directory sorted by pathology

Our Mission :

At MAP Patho, our mission is to fight post-diagnosis medical wandering by identifying the eco-systems of medical and paramedical professionals.

Today, the time to get an appointment with a medical specialist has increased by 27% in 5 years: we must help patients to find quickly interlocutors to take care of their pathology and reduce from 3 to 12 months wandering post-diagnostic.


How to do so ?

We call each patient with a chronic illness, each caregiver, to make a simple donation: the donation of the name of his specialist anonymously on our website:

Thanks to the data collection coming from patients, we will be able to create a directory by pathology allowing everyone to find: medical and para-medical professionals, patient association contacts, products / services that help patients and their caregivers live better with the disease. We wish that each patient can find interlocutors, be supported by the associations and facilitate his daily life thanks to the products and services developed for his pathology.

Our Team :

We are 3 to concretize this project: Axelle, the founder of MAP Patho, created the project after making a finding as a patient: FINDING THE MEDICAL AND PARA-MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS OF HER PATHOLOGY once diagnosed can be a really difficult. Pierre-Emmanuel, Artistic Director is in charge of design, Ux and brand identity. Ludovic, Technical Director is in charge of the development of the platform and associated web solutions.

Waar dient de collecte voor

What we will do with the money ?

Today the platform is in development and we have a quasi-functional version. She is ready to welcome the 250 directories but for this step, we need YOU! We need to communicate about our project to offer patients and carers to identify members of their medical and para-medical body anonymously. With each name identified, it is at least 1 patient who will find easily, quickly and free a health professional to be supported. As a result, we have significant legal tool development costs for MAP Patho to take off.


Distribution of the development costs :

We want to collect € 6,000, 92% of which will be spent on the legal costs of developing the tool and 8% on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank fees.

We had the price of the development of the solution evaluated to comply with the French legal constraints. The estimated costs are € 8,000. If we complete our collection, we will be able to finance 70% of the development of the tool. If we reach 150% of the collection, we can develop the tool at 100%.

MAP Patho SAS will collect the entire collection.


What is our development schedule?

- December 2018 to February 2019: Kiss Kiss Bank Bank collect and website launch with identification and directory features

- March 2019 to December 2019: launch of the site with the first directories and development of new directories thanks to the donations of patients

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