Mathilde Renault - New ep * Unknown beauty *

Pre-order Mathilde's new album and help her to finalize it :)

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Mathilde Renault - New ep * Unknown beauty *




Mathilde Renault  is a belgian pianist and singer, born in a musician family.

After touring europe with swedish saxophonist Jonas Knutsson, she recorded her first solo album Cameleon Boat in 2011, then the ep Devils on the Road in 2013,

both critically acclaimed in Belgium.


Her singles *Wings* and *Painted Words* got played on national radio Pure fm and La première.

She played in great festivals like Les Ardentes, Les Francofolies de Spa, The Brussel Summer Festival at the Botanique and everywhere in Belgium.


A few month ago she just recorded 7 songs in famous Dada Studio in Brussels.

A new ep * Unknown beauty * co-written with her father Jean-Christophe Renault.

The live video of first single * Lucky Number *  got plenty of great reactions.

And so did the home made videos on her Instagram.



Both songs Made up and Lucky Number always generated great interest in concert, so i wish to release a music video for each of these songs.

And Unknown Beauty, would maybe do a great film music, so we'd better leave it open for that...


This is why i finally decided to do this crowdfunding, in order to advance faster :)

I am simply proposing you either the pre-order of the ep, either a private concert.


I will be please to welcome you in my home with my grand piano or to come and play a real home concert for you and your friends :)  in that case i would bring my piano and my sound system!

You wouldn't have to bother about the technical aspects.


I am sorry if things waited too long, it is because i was and i am waiting for a good record deal...

I want to build a strong and good team, with honest people.

But in the meantime, i can't wait to release these songs that has been on my heart for too long.



Waar dient de collecte voor

After financing the recording and the live video in the great Dada Studio out of my pocket this winter.

Now i do this crowdfunding to finance the artwork, the pressing of the physical CD and the promotion.

So we're almost there!


In case we reach more than 100 % the rest of the money will go for the music videos that has to be done for Made up and Lucky Number.



The collected money will serve for :





- Recording, mixing : 3000

- Studio expanses : 1000

- Mastering : 500

- Promotion cd : 500

- Pressing of the physical cd and pressing rights : 3000

( + eventually: 1500 for each music video if we reach out 200 % )


So the goal is to do international promotion, the more budget i'll get, the more countries we'd reach for promotion...

And of course, next year we'll settle a european tour!

I can't wait to see you at the shows with the cd in hands :)





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