Mehdispoz - nouveau Vinyl House, Acid House et distribution mondiale

New Vinyl House, Acid House and Worldwide distribution

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Mehdispoz - nouveau Vinyl House, Acid House et distribution mondiale

Inspired after mixed into the trendiest places (New York, London, Athens, Paris ...)

This new Vinyl Ep consists of 2 tracks tends House / Acid House will be oriented dance floor and DJ.


Each title will dance a maximum of clubber have electric legs!


What will the funding be used?


The funding for my project will be used to pursue the realization of my new EP Vinyl.

Whether for the musical aspect worldwide distribution via a distributor and promotion,

I need your input to help me flesh out my world, I want to make you better share.

DJ and creator of eclectronique music since 2002, influenced by his house detroit and chicago see even techno, my various compositions have allowed me to have the recognition of international artists and dj, my precedentes Production house, were playlisted radio and many dj as Laurent Garnier quoted one of the most famous french ... as a DJ ...


My different influences hip hop, reggae, and house, makes my compositions has to have a sound jazzy and groovy ... both for the club to play at the back of the sofa ...;)

I've already started recording the new vinyl, but to finalize this project to the end, I need money to get there.




Several of my vinyl ep came out since 2002 until now several label, French and international.


Thank you for your supports for this new project ...

you can see my productions ...

on our website:





Today I want to finance my new EP and the worldwide distribution and I need your help!

A mix of strength, promotion and word of mouth, I know some success in the stage DJ and clubbing and now I want to export to the rest of France, Europe and worldwide.

  So I turn to you to support me and be an actor of my project I want to achieve this year with the completion of this new EP.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The amount collected through your contribution will be distributed as follows:


Finalisation of the recording and mixing the album ep: 25% of budget (400 Euros )

Pressing of the vinyl and worldwide distribution: 50% of the budget (700 Euros )

Internationnale Promotion: 25% of budget (400 Euros )


Total for realisation of new Vinyl ; 1500 Euros


Next advanced your interests and other extra goodies merchandising will be available .

T-shirt, professional video clip, badge, stickers....

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