Mettre en lumière les actrices et acteurs de paix

A world tour to meet women and men of different faiths who are building peace together.

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Mettre en lumière les actrices et acteurs de paix

Interfaith Tour - The Project in 2 minutes 

In 2016, the World Economic Forum revealed that widespread wars and religious conflicts are among the most worrying global issues for 18-35 year olds. In societies where the religious and spiritual factor is often brandished as an obstacle to social cohesion and as a source of exclusion, violence and withdrawal, the interconvictional and interreligious tool is nevertheless a means of collective action in the service of building peace and social ties. Our ambition is to go and meet the actors of peace, to highlight their actions in order to be able to replicate the most innovative ones: peace is built today too silently, it is time to make it heard!

On October 15, we, Radia, Maud, Floriane and Marie will embark on a world tour with three objectives:

1. To inspire young people and encourage them to become actors of change by creating and promoting positive content. 

2. To document the role of interfaith initiatives in peacebuilding through the production, analysis and mapping of quantitative and qualitative data. 

3. To equip educators through action research and the creation of pedagogical tools

Then, upon our return to France, we will embark on a conference tour with a large exhibition to promote these initiatives and to allow the replication of the most innovative solutions that we have found around the world.


Our schedule 

How to reach our goals? 

  • A world tour

The world tour will start on October 15, 2021 and will end on July 31, 2022. During these 10 months, we will cross 15 countries...

...and meet more than 450 inspiring actors of peace. We will conduct 150 interviews with these activists in order to discover their innovative solutions to build peace. 

  • A tour throughout France 

As soon as we return, we will hit the road again to conduct workshops in schools and public lectures. During 2 months, in September and October 2022, we will travel all over France and some European cities to meet about 10 000 people.

35 workshops in schools

The workshops in schools will be an opportunity to talk with young people about the route of our tour, the various contexts of the countries we have crossed and the most important actors of our adventure, to echo their program.

5 Major conferences 

During the French tour, we will also organize conferences open to all in the evening. Support us to receive a special invitation to the conference nearest you.


Who are we? 

We are four young women of different religious and philosophical convictions. We wish to draw a positive fresco of inspiring initiatives, based on simple, true and concrete examples, which testify that peace is both an ideal of learning and a tangible reality of everyday life. All four of us invested in the association Coexister, we have chosen to intensify our commitment to cohesion, inclusion and peace by leading the fifth season of the InterFaith Tour program.



  • 1 digital journey

For 16 months, including 10 months of study tour, you will be able to follow our meetings on social networks and share our discoveries and experiences! 

Waar dient de collecte voor


 The real cost of this study tour 

To organize a world tour like ours, you have to plan for transportation, visas, computer and audiovisual equipment, health care... If you add the transportation costs of the tour and the small equipment needed for the conferences, you reach a budget of 150 000 €.


Why does it cost that much?

Almost a third of our budget is dedicated to the restitution tour. We want to meet a maximum of young people in schools to change their view of diversity, and to prove to them that our generation has the capacity to change the world. To help schools finance these educational workshops, we need your help!

In order to offer you quality content throughout the world tour, we also need to equip ourselves with reliable and efficient equipment, without choosing the most expensive. We must not forget the music of the videos, which we must buy, because we do not think that such a project in favor of diversity can be realized without respecting the artists.

We are also aware that we cannot fight for social cohesion while putting aside respect for the environment. We have therefore integrated in our budget the compensation of the carbon footprint generated by our project (2000 € according to the Good Planet Foundation).

But, in the end, it costs "only" that much because...

We are all 4 students or young professionals, but we chose to take a break from our studies or our work to invest ourselves 200% in this project, and we have already been working passionately for 18 months to prepare it. We have also managed to keep our budget in check by deciding to sleep at a local house. This will also allow us to have a better view of the countries we will cross and to live richer encounters. In the end, thanks to this project, we will meet hundreds of people who are changing the world, so we would love to say that you were hundreds to finance it.


Why Crowdfunding? and counterparts ...


During the 18 months of preparation, we often talked about crowdfunding, and we ended up asking ourselves why it was important to us?

Because we want you to be involved with us from A to Z. Even with all the money in the world, we couldn't create a more welcoming society without you. So to enable us to live better together, we count on you, your families and your friends.

Because we want to make all our content available for free. Our generation has been rocked by the generosity that has seen the creation of the open-source web, Wikipedia, ... It's our turn to contribute!

Because peace has no price, but it has a cost. Simply put, it has a cost.

Because by supporting us, you finance much more than a tote bag (even if it is very beautiful), you finance social impact! You are investing to improve our society! In short, your contribution is a bit like "the gift in a cereal box": you are happy to receive it, but you know that you have bought much more than that.

Because by supporting us, you are financing much more than a T-shirt (even if it is organic, well cut and beautiful), you are directly financing a part of our world tour, which is the cornerstone of the whole project. 

Tax deduction bonus! 

All the funds collected thanks to your generosity go directly to the account of the association InterFaith Tour, which has already carried the 3 previous seasons of the project and guarantees the transparency of their use. Recognized as a public interest organization, the association allows you to benefit from a tax deduction of 66% if you are an individual, or 60% if you are a company (see specific conditions). We will automatically send you a tax receipt.Of course, none of the project's funding is used to pay us.


Thank you for your help ! 


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