Mini boat, great adventure

Adventure is made of dreams, salt water and pain! But you also need a bit of money, help me get through the first few months of this project

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Mini boat, great adventure

Hi, my name is Hugo.

4 years ago, I left France with a 26ft sail boat I had refitted myself. I sailed out of the Mediterranean and explored the Canary Islands.

My dad joined me for the Atlantic crossing. It took us 31 day, or an average speed of 2.8 knots, that's the speed of a person walking...

So I decided that I wanted to sail faster. I started joining every regatta I could, and ended up being recruted to sail around the world as First Mate on a 70ft boat on an amateur race.

And now here I am, starting my own single handed racing project to race the Mini Transat, the biggest offshore race on the smallest boats: the Mini 6,50.

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This crowdfunding is made to help me get through the first few months of this campaign.

I need to pay for the boat, the harbor, the sail, the inscription to the races, the safety equipment...etc.

Because of the covid health crisis, some of my sponsors backed up and I need to be able to start racing to raise the attention of new sponsors. You can help me achieve this.

Step 1 >> 15.000€ - I can keep the boat until May 2021 to keep training, racing and find a sponsor

That's so the project doesn't disappear before being born, but if we can reach more, it always helps!

Step 2 >> 25.000€ - I can keep the boat until September 2021

Step 3 >> 30.000€ - I can register to all the qulification races next season

Step 4 >> 40.000€ - I can register to the Mini Transat

Step 5 >> 60.000€ - I can get a new set of sails to race the transat

Step 6 >> 80.000€ - I can optimize the boat at a technical level and leverage training and coaching ressources in order to maximize the perfomance of the project

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