Mini-Ferme et B&B ELZEARD ( mini-Farm_B&B )

Creating a Mini-Farm / B&B « Land-Art , Agro-ecology & Sport » Harvesting the Fruit-Trees with a Zipline (with a brake).

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Mini-Ferme et B&B ELZEARD ( mini-Farm_B&B )


(Combine several activities to create a synergy)


Creating a Food-Forest Mini-Farm and B&B « Land-Art, Agroecology & Sport »

Harvesting the Fruit-Trees with a Zipline with a brake...for everybody.

Wheelchair people–friendly harvesting, and school child-frienldy too......




Open to the public, for the sensitization to the agroecology

and to the importance of the small farmers

for the employment, health and planet.

Every city can create for the pupils of schools its own Food-Forest with zipline.


1) Creating a Mini-Farm and B&B based on the agro-ecological technique of the « Food Forest ».    

A place to :

- Produce, Create and show easy-to-do agro-ecological techniques (urban / rural ),

- Organize Harvesting days in the Edible Food Forest (Zipline or by feet)

- Invitations for Land-Art artists, Ecologist : to create « Animals Hostel », workshop…

- Other natural activities : Walks, rides…(kiteboarding, discovering in the Bay of the Somme)…create photos & Videos about agroecology.

- Meeting room (at the 1rst floor) : for the Organisations that want to organise agro-ecological meeting


2) Creating a notebook to show with texts and pictures every building steps of these projects to help others to create their own project.



This design combines 3 things :


An Edible Food Forest


An Harvesting Air System with Zipline…


A Earth House







The video to présent the project with 3D creation (2mn) (création Archi 3D + Principles) :  

Private Video on Vimeo

           Password to watch the video: elzeard



The video (with 3D)  + technicals details (7mn) :

( principles et visits of other  Food forests , in France, Belgium ).

Private Video on Vimeo

            Password to watch the video: elzeard



                   More informations on our web site :





What is an Edible Food Forest : 

 (Agro-ecologic technic for everyone) (for any climate)


Gather on the same zone Trees, Shrubs and Vegetables , distributed according to their specificities and organized to share sun, water and nutriments and create a synergy.


- After design & Plantation, the biggest of the work is to harvest :

Fruits, walnuts, berries, Perpetual plants & vegetables, perenials Aromatics, Medicinals Mushrooms




-- No chemicals

-- No plowing, No seeding, No weeding

-- No watering ( rainwater stored, disseminated, infiltrated naturally)

 -- Restores rural / peri-urban landscapes and Biodiversity.


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1° ) ELZEARD’s Mini-Farm and B&B (2500 to 3500 M2), in FRANCE,

          close to Amiens, the amazing « Bay of the Somme »

                          & the Great War Battlefields of the Somme, Picardy)


A design for a mini-Farm and B&B with « Agro-ecology, Sport & Land-Art » : Food, Education and sports.



Creating a place of Production, Harvesting, Accommodation, with agro-ecological and natural Discoveries : workshops & …. Walks, sport rides…


Let discover that we can be allowed carry by the nature, to live, produce and protect at the same time….

With an « Edible Food Forest », once designed and created the biggest of the work is to harvest.



The Elzeard Food Forest:




Another way of thinking :

-       Work with the nature rather than against it.

-       Do not eliminate a species 

-       Add the being lacking link to regulate the ecosystem

-       Associate the complementary/partner plants

-       Each elements performs many functions

-       Each important function is supported by many elements


The Elzeard Harvesting Air System (with Zipline)…



The Elzeard Earth House :








2° ) Creating a Notebook to show the building steps of these 2 projects


Creating a notebook (digital) to show with texts and pictures every main building steps of these projects to help others to create their own.


If the project reaches its target and if a publisher want to publish this notebook, I will give up to « Terre de liens » 50 % of what the future sales of this notebook will bring back to me and use the rest to create Food forest elsewhere..




Agro-écology :


Stop the chemical eradication and discover Agro-ecology near at home.


Agro-ecology can protect the life, the climate, the employment, the biodiversity, people and can feed the planet…



INRA and Agro-pari-Tech are on the way to demonstrate that their agro-ecological systems-principles of production allow to create a full-time decent employment, for a person, (with only 1000-1500 m2  of culture).



Here a video (22 mn)  to support agroEcology, local farming and Wwoofing (Sorry, only in french) :

               Password to watch the video: elzeard


« Vague d’agro-Ecologie »  (mainly shot in France, Sri Lanka, Kenya…)


---     -----    ----


Agro-ecology begins with a good management of the water and moisture in the ground :


Here some principles & techniques from Sepp Holzer (from his book "Desert or Paradise"):


« We must Recreate Complete aquatic landscapes »



Agro-ecology can also develop in urban zones, outer-urban :






Agro-ecology is also to let & help the others to build their autonomy…and protect Food sovereignty.

We can buy their products (local, organic and fair..) and also do Wwoofing.




 « Live and learn on the organic Farms ».


Agro-ecology is also a way to fight against world hunger.

Agro-ecology for « Food sovereignty » and « Human Rights » :


Jean Ziegler (former special reporter to the UNO for « Right for Food », on 2000-2008,)

quotes 5 main reasons of the world hunger :

The speculation on foodstuffs

the (food) agro-fuel

the Foreign debt

the agricultural dumping

the land grabbing


European Economic Community should support the small farmers, should really invest for the agro-ecological transition and stabilize agricultural prices on the markets.


we manage this project:

Irène , Arnaud





Thank you very much.




Waar dient de collecte voor

*A- Creating the mini-Food Forest farm_B&B ELZEARD : in France, Picardy :


Preparations (architect, specialists…), Excavation, foundations & buildings, Electricity & water connections : 4 000 to 23 000 €

Materials & house building: 10 000 to 33 000 €

Harvesting Air system & food Forest : 5 to 10 000€

                Sub-total A  : from 19 000 to 66 000 €


*B- Creating a notebook (digital) to show with text and pictures every building steps of these projects to help others to create their own

                                                                                  ….1 to 4 000€


Total estimated *A + *B :  from 20 000 € to 70 000 €





If we get 20 000 € :

We will  build first the ground Floor of the Earth House + the Mini-food-forest farm + Zipline + 1 small chalet for B&B, (land-Art, first floor and second floor will come later):

    Earth House + small chalet for B&B + Food Forest + Zipline

B-b_etape_1-1435005824  Tyr_mini-1435005880




If we get 26 000 € : we add a sunroom for house + an other small chalet for B&B

B-b_etape_3-1435005933    Tyr_mini-1435005880




If we get 38 000 € : we add the first floor above the house






If we get from 50 to 70 000 € : we add all the second floor above the house




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