The Challenge: The Minitransat 2019, a solo sailing transatlantic race, without assitance, onboard an ultra-powerful 6.50m sailing yacht

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In September 2019 I will be on the starting line of the Minitransat, solo racing across the Atlantic, on a 6.50 meters sailing yacht, without any external assistance nor contact with land. A long and wet challenge: 30 days on the Ocean, from La Rochelle in France to Martinique in the Caribbean, via the volcanic Canary Islands.

This sportive and human project has always been my dream, and a year ago it  became reality with the acquisition of “Youkounkoun” my sailing boat!

Since then, I dedicated all my time and energy to boat preparation, trainings, qualification races (validated!) and active search of Partners.

Ranked second on the major race of season 2018 (Les Sables – The Azores - Les Sables) shows that I am ready for this unique experience. And I, of course, count on giving everything to take all of you with me among the group of the fastest boats. And for that I need you!

It is with my faithful companion Youkounkoun that I am going to live this incredible adventure.

A “pocket” sailing yacht of 6.50meters – Mini650 – the world smallest offshore racing boat, but also the most powerful! Proportionately speaking, Youkounkoun carries more sail area than an 18m Vendée Globe racing yacht (sail area / displacement ratio).Top speed of 21 knots (25 mph - 40km/h)!


Everything that does not ultimately weigh for racing has been removed:

- No bed: I sleep maximum 20 minutes in a row

- No kitchen: I eat lyophilized food

- No toilets: …(no comments)

- No shower: But 24/7 wet at the deep end Atlantic Ocean

- No GPS digital cartography: I use good old paper charts

- No communication with land: Really alone!

- No engine: Propelled by the wind, I am 100% sustainable!

… I live in a 2m² area, but I have 200m² of sails !

Félix, a creative naval architect, found of sailing, adventures and surprising encounters.

From the French Alpes, growing up skiing, I turned myself to the Ocean during a sailing trip around the world on the family sailboat. 5 years discovering new shores, the dawn of passion even stronger today!

Waar dient de collecte voor

To take you onboard the project, I need your financial support, because if I had, up till now, the encouragements of professionals, I am still missing funds to line up at the start of the Minitransat, the 22nd September, in La Rochelle.


Your contribution will particularly help me to finance:


- Minitransat registration fees : 2000€

- YouKounKoun insurance : 3000€

- Return trip of YouKounKoun by cargoship from Martinique : 6000€

- Offshore dry suit : 1000€

- New main sail : 3000€

A unforgettable experience, that I ask you to support in any way you can.

Every contribution is key. Every sum is valuable.

THANK YOU       MERCI      GRAZIE      DANK      GRACIAS      




Note: Afin de percevoir le montant de notre cagnotte plus rapidement avant les premières courses de la saison et favoriser la préparation de celles-ci, les fonds seront perçu en tant que particulier et non associatif. 


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