Mission éco-volontariat/humanitaire Costa Rica 2018

Participate in the protection of the Barra Honda forest and the development of the education and the awakening of Costa Rican children :)

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Mission éco-volontariat/humanitaire Costa Rica 2018

Who am I ?

My name is Clémence, I'm 17 years old and I'm a student in 1st grade. I am the eldest of a family of 3 children.

Having lived in Ghana and New Zealand, I have developed a taste for discovering people and their country.

Autonomous and resourceful, I give lessons (English and tennis) and do baby-sittings, in my spare time, to finance my projects.


Why this project?             


During my schooling in New Zealand (4.5 years) and Ghana (1.5 years), I was very aware of sustainable development and helping children.             

During my research on the Internet about the mission that I wanted to do in the summer of 2018, I discovered a mission of Projects Abroad, in Costa Rica bringing together these two aspects. This four-week project immediately appealed to me.           


It is initially a project of eco-volunteering and community (July 15 - 29), it is an immersion in the Costa Rican rainforest of Barra Honda.             

Whether it's fauna or flora, the dry tropical forest of Barra Honda offers a biodiversity unique in the world. Thus, this experience would allow me to participate in various actions to preserve the environment.


Many programs to protect this Costa Rican national park are planned. Below, an overview of some of them:


scientific studies and projects of biodiversity:

· The installation of photo traps

· Reforestation projects


environmental studies:

· Climatological studies

· GPS mapping


infrastructure construction:

· Maintenance of trails, caves and firewalls

· General maintenance of the reserve


The second mission (July 30 - August 12) is a mission to help children in kindergartens and nurseries: a discovery of the disadvantaged suburbs of San José. 


Below is an overview of some of the activities we will do: share knowledge, know-how and skills:

· Teach the basic rules of life (hygiene, discipline ..)

· Care for young children (helps to get ready in the morning ...)

· Reading, writing and arithmetic lessons, to participate in the awakening of children:

· Organisation of games, sports activities

· Create painting workshops

· Schedule concerts


Finally Costa Rica attracted me because it's been studying Spanish and the Hispanic culture for 4 years. Nevertheless, I know little about the South American continent; Accommodation in a host family will allow me to fully immerse myself in the local community (missions in the suburbs of San José). Furthermore, working with other volunteers from around the world will make this experience unique and unforgettable!             

It is therefore an ideal opportunity to give one's time, to help while speaking Spanish and to discover the Costa Rican culture.


Discovering Costa Rica?             


Costa Rica is a small Spanish-speaking country in Central America, a biological corridor linking North America and South America. It has 5 million inhabitants, including 2 million in the capital San José and its suburbs. Despite its attractiveness related to tourism, 21% of the population lives below the poverty line (less than $ 2 a day). 

Costa Rica has an incredible biosphere with 6% of the world's biodiversity, including 10% of bird species (Costa Rica represents only 0.03% of the land area). This diversity can be explained by the geographical location of the country. Thus, to protect and grow this extraordinary richness, more than 25% of the territory is occupied by national parks and reserves and the government is about to definitively stop deforestation.


Projects Abroad?          


I did a lot of research with organizations before choosing Projects Abroad, one of the few that offers missions to miners around the world. In addition, a friend mine went a month to Nepal with Projects Abroad in Nepal and he told me a lot about his missions. At that time, the idea of ​​going to do humanitarian work was already making inroads. And that's how I decided to live a similar experience.


Project Abroad is an organization that offers, since 1992, voluntary humanitarian missions in 30 different countries. These programs require a sophisticated management and administration system which you can imagine, has a cost. It is an independent and private organization that does not receive grants so volunteers' contributions are the only ones that allow the projects to exist and to be realized.


 A unique experience…               


This project is not just a trip but a mission to Costa Rica during which I will participate in the protection of the Costa Rican forest and take care of children in disadvantaged suburbs. This is a possible team project thanks to my sponsors. I am aware of the luck that I will have if I go to live this adventure and therefore, it seems normal to me share it to the maximum.      

So, back to France, I will continue giving my time. I will be happy to share my experience with all those who will have supported me materially and through their thoughts. I already have some ideas in mind: to make a presentation to schoolchildren, to publish a press review in a newspaper, to make a film and to exhibit the photos taken during my trip ...


(pictures and photos are on the french page)


Waar dient de collecte voor

This incredible adventure has a cost that remains high. That's why I decided to call on you, the many Kisskissbankers, to help me make this wonderful project happen.


The project costs 3400 €:

- 2960 €: 4 weeks accommodation, 3 meals a day and transport, insurance - 440 €: air tickets (discount already obtained)


Thanks to numerous babysittings and lessons (English and tennis) given, I have already collected about 1000 €.

In addition, I live in Boulogne-Billancourt, which generously awards an initiative grant for this type of project. I applied and will present my project in May in front of a jury, which I hope will support me. :)

I will collect the entire amount of the collection and then pay it to Projects Abroad at the same time as the other amounts collected. If my goal were to be exceeded, the money raised would only be beneficial. It would allow me to amortize the costs and buy supplies for the children.


I thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that my project will have caught your attention. :)

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