Mission Princesa 2014

Humanitarian, economic & educational assistance by 6 business school students to a Gawad Kalinga community in the Philippines.

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Mission Princesa 2014


We are 6 business school students at ESCP Europe in Paris, and members of the "Rue des Enfants" association, organizing a 2-month humanitarian mission in the Puerto Princesa Gawad Kalinga village on Palawan in the Philippines in July and August.


Our mission will focus on helping a Gawad Kalinga community by bringing our managerial education, and an economic assistance in the local populations' projects of developping their economic autonomy, thanks to the fostering of social entrepreneurship. 




The urgent needs of the local populations, spawned by the typhoon Haiyan, led us to act quickly.


Gawad Kalinga ("take care" in philippino) is an international humanitarian association founded in the Philippines and aiming at ending poverty by gathering families in self-organised communities and offering them the opportunity of economic independence thanks to the fostering of social entrepreneurship





Founded by Antonio Meloto in 2003, Gawad Kalinga aims at getting 5 million families out of poverty by 2024. It has already created over 2000 communities in the Philippines thanks to a partnership with the State, to the help of major corporations like Hyundai & Air France KLM, and universities.



Waar dient de collecte voor

Our mission will hopefully take place in the Gawad Kalinga village of Puerto Princesa on Palawan. A first contact with the local populations allowed us to hear their needs and ideas, and to elaborate the first projects that we would like to offer them.


We hope to collect at least 1000€ for our mission thanks to the generosity of internet users on KissKissBankBank. All raised funds will be dedicated to the financing of the local populations' projects. Ideally, we would like to raise 4500€, which would initiate or further the following projects.


Assistance in the village's fishing activity: general management and marketing.

(logistic management, creation of new product lines and ranges with added value, market studies, exploration of the potential selling points, elaboration of a communication strategy) 

Developpement of the crab breeding activity: marketing study of selling points, exporting project, stock control (~ 2500€).


Promotion of social tourism: we would like to turn the village into a must-see touristic spot on the Palawan island. Communication plan, developpement of infrastructures and of tourists-welcoming residences (restaurant, camping spot, hostel, B&B or inn), introduction of leisure activities in the village.

Construction of a basketball/volleyball field in the village (~ 2000€).  




We deeply hope that this project will convince you to help us. The Gawad Kalinga communities are a chance for millions of Filippinos. Projects seemingly simple like ours can transform the life of hopeless men & women. Our goal is to offer them an opportunity, the opportunity to take back the control of their lives, to become the master of their destiny.


Only you can help us give them hope. Thank you!




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