MITI @ Venice Biennale 2013

ICI asks your kind support for the Thai artist Miti Ruangkritya to join his first outbound solo exhibition during the Venice Biennale 2013.

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MITI @ Venice Biennale 2013


Imagining ACQUA ALTA


Miti Ruangkritya

Thai photographer




During the Venice Biennale

1 June - 24 November 2013


Private and press preview 29 - 30 - 31 May 2013

Opening party 1 June 2013


ICI - Istituto Culturale Internazionale

Magazzino del Caffe’

Rio Marin - Santa Croce 923 - Venezia

Fermata Vaporetto : Ferrovia or Riva de biasio

Contact :


- ABOUT Imagining ACQUA ALTA by Miti Ruangkritya


For the Venice Biennale 2013, under the title Imagining AQUA ALTA, the curators of ICI - Magazzino del Caffe’ Chi Phan and Olivier Perpoint, wish to present a photos selection of the emerging Thai photographer Miti Ruangkritya as his first outbound solo exhibition.


His photographic study of the 2011 mega floods in Bangkok, captures the foreboding and surreal nature of the event by presenting the flood in a dreamlike, otherworldly way.


Bangkok is at many points similar to Venice concerning the reasons to flood: canals alteration, new buildings, global warming, soil texture, tides.


With the aim of cross culture encounters and questioning, Miti Ruangkritya’s photographic work around water element at night enlightens these two similar surreal aspects of Venice and Bangkok.





- ABOUT Miti Ruangkritya

               Bangkok - 1981


Miti Ruangkritya an emerging artist who has won many international photographic competitions, was born in Bangkok in 1981. He graduated with an MA in photojournalism from University of Westminster, London, in 2008.




‘Honourable Mentions', Magenta Flash Forward - Emerging Photographers, UK, 2012   

'Silver Medal' (Fine Art, Landscape/Professional), Prix de la Photographie (PX3), Paris, 2012

Honourable Mentions (Deeper Perspective & Night Photography/professional) - International Photography Awards, 2012, USA


'Selected Winners', Magenta Flash Forward - Emerging Photographers, UK, 2011



'Imagining Flood', Kathmandu Gallery, Bangkok, 




Art13, London 2013

Chobi Mela, Bangladesh, 2013


Singapore International Photography Festival, 2012

Prix de la Photographie (PX3), Escape Dupon, Paris 2012

"Temporary Storage #01", Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre, 2012


"Space Shift" featured in 'Messy Sky' no 00, vol 2, Le Plateau, Paris, 2011

"Foto8 Summer Show", Host Gallery, London, 2011


"Off The Page", Ambika P3, MA Degree, London, 2009



- ABOUT The Art Book: Imagining Flood

Limited edition of 100 copies


The book Imagining Flood, printed in a limited edition of 100 copies, will be on sale at the next door concept store Nero di Sepia and in the ICI Online Shop.





- More details and informations for the curious


Link to About the Imagining Acqua Alta museography

Link to About Miti’s press publications

“Why Bangkok, why Venice” by the Curators of Imagining ACQUA ALTA


- Miti’s interview

Link to Read the interview

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- Why and how you can fund Miti @ Venice Biennale 2013


ICI is producing by itself Miti Ruangkritya’s Imagining Acqua Alta exhibition. The total production cost is estimated at 6 160 euros including technical costs such as the art pieces shipping and the scenography, communication cost and the artist trip to Venice estimated at 2 220 euros.


Miti @ Venice Biennale 2013 fund rising is concerning only Miti’s trip to Venice as ICI is looking for other ways to support the other production cost. We believe that the whole project Imagining ACQUA ALTA makes sense only with the presence of Miti Ruangkritya in Venice because:



Imagining ACQUA ALTA will be his first outbound Solo exhibition



ICI core and essential value is to make encounters happens. For a Thai young artist it would be a real chance to meet international artists from the Venice Biennale, one of the biggest event in that field.



Imagining ACQUA ALTA is based on a confrontation between two cities (Bankgkok, Venice) but also two populations. Who better than Miti Ruangkritya can represent Thai people at Imagining ACQUA ALTA




Miti @ Venice Biennale 2013 fund rising details

As mentioned above the fund will help Miti to travel to Venice. We are asking your kind help to collect 1 900 euros that will be totally absorbed in the 2 220 euros cost of the trip. If the kissbanker’s fund is reaching more than 1 900 euros ICI commits to use that fund for the artist trip and beyond for the communication cost.


Artist trip to Europe costs

Roundflight tickets  Bangkok / Venice / Bangkok : 1 050 Euros

Accomodation in  Venice : 1 170 Euros

Total : 2 220 Euros



- Benefices for the the Kissbankers to help with the fund rising Miti @ Venice Biennale 2013


Thank you for your interest in the Miti @ Venice Biennale 2013 project. We hope that you share our core willing to make Miti’s trip to Venice. So if you are an individual and you wish to participate we created different levels of funding with some benefices accordingly.


You are our main financial support to date. Please feel free to pass the word and share your precious comments with us.


Hope to welcome you soon on our facebook page, our website or even better ….in Venice!


Olivier Perpoint et Chi Phan



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