Mongolia Charity Rally

Hello! We are three guys from Italy, and next July we'll partecipate to the Epic Mongolia Charity Rally! Enjoy with us this experience!

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Mongolia Charity Rally

MONGOLIA CHARITY RALLY 2013:                                                                                             Charity-rallies-world






The Mongolia Charity Rally is a non-competitive 15000 km foolish trip departing from London and arriving to Ulaan Baatar, the capital of Mongolia. This Rally stands for an adventure aimed at discovering remote places and people, in which the participants will try to get safe and sound at their destination. However, there will be no winner, or better, the winners will be all those who would take part to the rally feeling like having fun, dealing cheerfully with the numerous mishaps that they will meet on the way!


And that’s because ….”If nothing goes wrong, then everything went wrong!”


The Mongolia Charity Rally is managed by Go Help, a charity association who does not like to raise funds in a traditional way!

The organizers of this rally do not provide any help or advice. Indeed, the journey requires the full autonomy of the participants; the spirit of adventure must be the absolute protagonist!


Charity is our purpose. All team participants should raise a minimum of £ 1,000 (a bit less than € 1,350) that would be allocated to Go Help.

Once this threshold is reached, each team can decide whether to continue to raise money for Go Help or any other association. To learn more, visit the  Onlus website.


Once in Mongolia, we will donate our car to a local community, where it will be allocate for the most appropriate use: ambulances for hospitals, buses for schools …

What can you drive? Ambulances! Motorcycles! Van! Transit! Vans! Anything that can be useful to the Mongolian community. We choose a "classic" Mini Cooper, donated by a concessionaire, it will be a medical car!


When? Officially, the Mongolia Charity Rally kicks off from Woburn Safari Park (nearby London) Saturday, July 6th, 2013. However, the date is flexible and also the place of start-line: remember, the only important thing is arrive to Mongolia! We choose to start our trip from Milan on 8th of july, and we suppose that we will arrive to Mongolia around one month and half later the start, so around 20th of august. Then we'll take an airplane and we'll return to Italy to prepare september's university exams!!


For any questions or curiosities, or for check our situation, you can visit our FB page, "Exporteam, mongolia charity rally 2013" or our website " ".

To learn more about the organization of the rally, you can visit " ".


This is the video of a team that make the Mongolia Rally two years ago, I hope you'll enjoy it!   >>>>>>   




Sincerly thankful with everyone of you,




Giorgio Gambarini, a member of exporteam to Mongolia.

Waar dient de collecte voor

Every euro we'll riceive will be used for a good cause. We pay by our money everithing: return flight, food, visas, hostel,..., but we are looking for some help for the fuel and the rest of the donation(we already payed half of it). We hope you'll take part to the cause with us! you can check our situation or our news on on FB page or on the website. Rally starts on 6 of july, we have to run from now!

Thank you very much,

best regards.

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