Montreal Dead End

A feature film that brings together seventeen emerging directors.

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Montreal Dead End

At the intersection of Saint-Denis and Maisonneuve streets, a pothole has dangerously expanded. Since then, a strange energy flows, transforming the atmosphere and the people into a real chaos in the metropolis. Some citizens go crazy, others become physically transformed into a creature, nature attacks humans...



Crédit photo : Julien Reliat


Anything can happen in this anthological feature film, which brings together the vision of seventeen emerging directors. They tell in their own way events that occur in different neighborhoods in a short format of 4 minutes. Inspired by "Paris, I love you", the film is more like "The twilight zone".



Crédit photo : Johanna Moya


The project has been developed in connection with the Kino movement, a group of directors that aims to push cinematographic creation without the absolute support of institutions. All filmmakers have this connection to the movement, allowing them to experiment with the medium, and learn to work with micro-budgets. It is in this spirit that the project has grown.



The ultimate goal of this opus is to leave the festival circuit short films to enter, all together, internationally in the feature film market. Go like the page "Montreal Dead End" on Facebook, to follow all the developments of the project as well as relive the highlights of the film production of our filmmakers! Shooting photos, excerpts from the stories and much more will be presented to you first.


Montreal Dead End is supported by precious partners such as Cinépool, Département Caméra, Kino’00 and L’inis.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The project is built with the help of several artists who have already shot with very little budget. Cinema is still a very costy art, some expenses must be made to bring the project further, and therefore support the artists in the smooth running of their filming.



Crédit photo : Phil Latour


Most of the funding - $ 7,000 - will be distributed to filmmakers to reimburse multiple filming fees, at a cost of $ 500 each. It is very little to do the miracles you will see on screen, but it is a minimum to be able to pay some of the expenses (food, transport, costumes and accessories, extra equipment, etc.).



Crédit photo : Valentin Lucy


The rest will be invested in the distribution of the film, the international life of the film, since festival submissions can quickly become expensive. And finally, remaining funds will be divided between the filmmakers, since they have mostly spent over $ 1500 each for their segments.

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