Mosaique et art-thérapie en Géorgie

Support our project: an humanist & artistic adventure combining support to patients with tuberculosis & restoration of a magnificent mosaic

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Mosaique et art-thérapie en Géorgie

Who are we ?

Mosaic Nomad is a yound organisation whose aim is to combine mosaic and support to patients suffering from chronic disease.

Created by a group of friends sharing the same values and passions-most are or have been active members of Doctors without Borders (MSF) and are mosaicists, it proposes to associate patients to mosaic's restoration sites.

Regarding the artistic project

If you travel to Abastumani village, located South-West of Georgia, you'll notice a magnificent mosaic (30mX3m). Vividly colored, made of high quality material (glass tesselae) it shows a hunting scenery in the most pure modernist style as shown by the sketch of the original art-work below:

Created by artist Saurmag Ghambashidze in the 70s,

this artwork which mark the village entrance is in a poor state.

In Abastumani, there is also an hospital for patients suffering from tuberculosis, most of them with a resistant form of the disease. The duration of the hospitalization (between 9 months and 2 years), the isolation, the lack of activities, the secondary effects of the treatment lead some patients to abandon their treatment.

Because we know well the disease and its constraints, we've traveled all over Georgia on mission with MSF, because we practice mosaic, we are proposing to launch a project of restoration of this mosaic together with the patients.

The restoration site should start by 2021 but in the meantime...

Waar dient de collecte voor

Why do we solicit you today ?

The drastic climate conditions (snow, cold), the water infiltrations and the actual & already degraded state of the mosaic let us fear further degradation of this artwork before the restoration can start, while 30-50% has already disappeared.

We organise in november 2019 a 2 weeks mission with 3 objectives :

  • Preserve the mosaic to avoid further degradation before 2021 ; by evaluating the wall & the mosaic and taking immediate protective measures
  • Evaluate & prepare the restoration itself : to decide the best plan for restoring the mosaic, the planning of the restoration site and the budget.
  • Meet all partners, the patients affected by tuberculosis, the director of the hospital and all local partners to coordinate together the project.



The actors of the mission


It will be done with Astrid Maréchaux,  patrimonial restoration & preservation professional specialised in mosaic; she is enthusiastic about the project. 

The president of the organisation, Emmanuelle Chazal and two other members (Florence Fermon and Sylvie Goossens) will participate as volunteers.

In Georgia, we will have the assistance of Georgian collaborators as well as Nana Zazanashvili, grand-daughter of the artist Saurmag Ghambashidze.


What will we do with the crowd-funding ?

It will allow Mosaic Nomad organization to finance this 2 weeks mission.

Even if the 3 members of the organization will pay for all their expenses and participate for free, we need to have professionals on board with us ; to respect the art-work by restoring it using the appropriate technique and materials, following the restoration rules of this particular field.


First level to reach : 5800 euros ; the evaluation of the mosaic

It is the amount we need to do the site evaluation. The sum will cover the salaries & expenses (travel, acommodation, etc.) for Astrid, the patrimonial restoration professional and georgian partners, involved with Mosaic Nomad.  We will also pay for photogrammetry, a technical tool to obtain high quality photos of the mosaic, essential for the evaluation.


Second level to reach : 8050 euros ; the preservation of the mosaic

With the extra amount, we can preserve the mosaic. A georgian crafsman will apply the protocol that will be designed by the professional mosaicist, an important step before the restoration in 2021.

The 2250 euros added would cover for the material, salary of the craftsman who will implement the protocol.


What if we can go above these 8050 euros ?

We could use the money to pay the cost of kisskissbankbank plateform, the production of the rewards and their mailing.  All sum added would really be a most welcome support of our own personal financial means.

And if really your generosity goes beyond our expectations, we could plan a second visit for 2020. The project will need repeated visits and meetings to be finalised and coordinated with all partners.


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