Mother Ocean Surf School

Un toit pour l'école de surf de Shankar (Mother Ocean Surf School) A roof for Shankar’s surf school (Mother Ocean Surf School)

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Mother Ocean Surf School

Five years ago, Shankar, a young self-taught surfer from Auroville, decided to run his own surf school, to offer the local youth the opportunity to discover the pleasures of surfing (which remains too often, the privilege of foreign tourists who can afford it) and raise awareness, among them about the importance of preserving the marine life.


He chose Serenity Beach, a few kilometres from Pondicherry in the state of Tamil Nadu, where he was born. It is one of the few remaining beaches, as a consequence of climate change. With his savings, the equipment gathered all along his career, and his strong will he has built alone his own school.


Today, Shankar needs your help to complete the building of the roof, to keep the space waterproof, and buy some further equipment: leashes, boards, wetsuits as well as gloves and trash bags to ensure the weekly cleaning of the beach which he has set up. Should the amount collected exceed the target, Shankar will use that extra money for the kids of the village who watch over the beach. 















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Shankar will receive directly the funds from the crowdfunding. The first 1 000 euros will fund the completion of the building (scheduled in early January 2017): the rooftop, showers and toilets. The following 1 500 will finance the acquisition of the new surfing equipment.






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