Motosacoche : the story of the legendary Swiss motorbike !

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Motosacoche : the story of the legendary Swiss motorbike !


The start of the 20th century saw the beginning of an amazing entrepreneurial adventure with the creation of the Motosacoche brand in Geneva in 1899. Motosacoche numbers among some of the most influential businesses in Swiss industry, from the first moped prototypes built by the Dufaux brothers in the family garage when they were just 15 and 19, to the assembly lines of the Acacias factory and numerous world records won.




This book retraces a glorious past of revolutionary inventions comprising motorbikes, cars, helicopters and planes, one of which was to propel Armand Dufaux in the very first flight across Lake Geneva. It offers a window into the lives of some extraordinary engineers, whose dreams and curiosity were limitless. It’s also a human story, punctuated with doubts and failure as well as success. Finally, it depicts a fascinating foray into pre-war Geneva where many alliances and partnerships were forged, notably with Edouard Demole, grandfather of Claude Demole, Managing Partner of the Pictet & Cie Bank until 2015.



Discover this rich saga which ended in 2000 after 101 years in business. The many legacies and accounts which it left behind are gathered together and meticulously and passionately documented within this book.



My name is Paul Merz and I’m 32 years old. I’m from Switzerland, and have been passionate about motorcycling since the age of 4 when I got my first bike. It was my grandfather who really got me into it, and aged 91 he still regularly attends motorcycling rallies.


I decided to write this book as I’m passionate about the history of Motosacoche and I want to share my enthusiasm with as many people as possible. It’s a story telling the adventures of two entrepreneurial young men who achieved their dreams and pushed the limits of excellence in design.


I was fascinated by their story, today anchored in Genevan heritage. The unique opportunity arose to scour the archives and discover the history of where I come from, forming a link between the Geneva of today and the city of yesteryear.


Before the rise of the tertiary sector and “Made in Switzerland” products imported from China, we were able to reap the benefits of locally-available resources which led to the country’s industrial heyday. Now, we have all but lost this national expertise and the image once linked to it. It’s important to keep this spirit alive and remember that innovation is an intrinsic part of the country.


In writing this book, I also wished to pay homage to the two genius inventors to whom this story is dedicated, whose extraordinary adventure I hope will inspire you, just as it did me.


It’s a story of two innovators who pursued their dreams by helping one another to flourish by making every idea a success. The family aspect of these two inseparable brothers is equally as touching.


Motosacoche is also the story of two pioneers who reinvented the world, more precisely the world of getting around by motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle means being free; it’s a way of life in which you accept risks, getting your hands dirty, overcoming your fears and becoming more confident. It’s an invitation to get on your bike and share your story with a huge community which you can now form part of today.



+ more than 1000 hours of documentary research and investigation
+ dozens of unique documents and photos from the period
+ 200 pages - easy to read text peppered with anecdotes
+ available in French (English and German, if we exceed the target)
+ a beautifully designed and produced object of exceptionally high quality

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This book aims at making the swiss heritage popular and leave traces of amazing pioneers of the XXth century.


Technical characteristics :

· Size 20 x 20 cm

· 208 color pages

· 150 gr paper satimat

· Laminated color cover

· Hardcover full paper (hard cover)

· 2000 copies


In order to edit the book here are the production costs : 



I will collect the crowdfunding, the funds will be used to :

- Print the book

- Distribute it online & it in the main libraries in Switzerland


Any additional fund will help me printing more books in order to translate from french to German and English and distribute them in Germany and UK.

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