mountaincutters — THE BOOK

PREORDER! Support the publication of the first book of the duo, winner of the 2019 Region SUD Prize and guest artists of Art-o-rama 2020!

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mountaincutters — THE BOOK

The publication of mountaincutters’ first book brings together the photographs taken by the artist duo during their past exhibitions. It presents its installations and sculptures for site-specific projects within different institutions, like le Creux de l'Enfer in Thiers, le Grand Café in Saint Nazaire, the Jesuit Chapel in Nîmes ... This iconographic corpus will be completed by texts by Septembre Tiberghien, Coline Davenne and Guillaume Desanges which will provide a semantic light on the work.


There’s clay, metal, plastic, concrete, ceramics and poetry all bordering a raw state, somewhere on the brink of chaos. It’s solid, it’s liquid, it’s crushed up, it’s unfolding. There are trolleys, pipes and pumps; there’s mystery and electricity organized according to a certain discernible although not completely intelligible logic. There’s dust, there’s fear and there’s something ineffable. There’s rust. There are voids and volumes, containers and contents, streams and membranes yet there’s never a breach. There’s matter, shapes, plays on balance and tension but this does not look like sculpture. There’s more formlessness than formality.
There are no limits, be they topographical or conceptual. It’s spreading over the walls, it’s hollowing out the ground, it’s spattered across the ceiling. There’s work and there’s exhaustion. Close up it might look like Arte Povera and from afar like an arc eological site. There seems to be a hazardous necessity. There’s fragility. It’s organic, it’s fossilised and it’s archaic.

Guillaume Désanges



This book published by Fræme is produced as part of the Region SUD Prize, an annual art prize awarded by the international contemporary art fair Art-o-rama in Marseille.

Each year, with the Region SUD Prize, Art-o-rama offers some visibility to young creators coming from the Art Schools of the SUD region, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Since the beginning, the fair is committed to contribute to the professionalization of these young artists and allows them to meet different actors of the artistic scene – curators, gallery owners, critics, collectors…..

The Show-room section highlights the work of 4 young artists selected by an invited curator. Each one has a 4x4m exhibition space within the fair. Their artistic proposals are accompanied by the curator who also produces a critical text on each project. The curator introduces the works to the galleries and publishers attending to Art-o-rama opening, who were invited to vote for the winner of the Region SUD Prize of the year.

The laureate of the Region SUD Prize will then be the guest artist of the following edition and will benefit from an exhibition space in Art-o-rama’s main section, a production grant, the publication of a catalogue and two months of production within the Moly-Sabata Artists’ Residency / Albert Gleizes Foundation.

The Region SUD Prize often provides the artists with a first experience in an international commercial environment and allows galleries participating in Art-o-rama to discover artists formed in our region.

As a first critical look at the work of these young artists, this publication is a great means of promotion crossing the limits of time and exhibition space and enable the spread of their practice.

Waar dient de collecte voor

mountaincutters develops site-specific art projects which only traces are photographs. These photographs and exhibition views are carefully produced in film photography by the duo itself, hence these images get the double status of archive and artwork. Therefore, publishing these photographs meets a very particular will for this edition: the desire for a book larger than standard formats.

The project also fulfills the requirement of our editorial policy: the local manufacture, in Marseille, and prints on high quality paper from Europe according to standards that respect the environment.

This raising of funds is a way of pre-purchasing the catalogue and will help us to complete the budget for this project. If we succeed, we guarantee the publication of the book as we imagine it: 132 pages, 23 x 32 cm, bilingual French / English texts, printed in 500 copies. Publication release for Art-o-rama from August 28 to 30, 2020.

Participate in this project by pre-purchasing the book the reduced rate of 10 euros and / or by buying/offering one of the artists’ works offered in return.

About the artists:

mountaincutters is a hybrid entity, that graduated from the École Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Marseille Méditerranée, Marseille and is based in Brussels. Since 2013, it has been acting as a full-fledged artistic organism-environment, developing mainly site-specific projects through various contamination processes. Its work often takes the form of ephemeral modules, active the time of the exhibition whose components are made from unprocessed raw materials such as iron, steel, clay, copper, lead, paper or glass. Some will then be reworked and will reappear during the development of future installations.

About the publisher:

Specialized in monographic work editions, mainly for local artists, Fræme develops an independent publishing activity since 2007. It currently presents a catalogue with more than 15 titles, all accomplished with a close cooperation with artists and in partnership with galleries, institutional and associative structures that welcome and distribute their work. Concerned by the publishing of rigorous works in terms of editorial, design and making content, Fræme favours a quality production to enlighten an art work through the book experience.

About the fair:

ART-O-RAMA, international fair of contemporary art, is held in Marseille every last weekend of August. It brings together a small and rigorous selection of around forty galleries and publishers to develop specific curatorial proposals. Its intimate format and commitment to artistic projects make it unique. Extending the traditional fair stand to a real exhibition space, whose configuration is directly linked to the curatorial project, ART-O-RAMA pays specific attention to the works presented. The opening weekend, in the presence of the gallery owners, is extended with a time of exhibition which makes it possible to welcome a wider public of art amateurs.



Objet incomplet (anatomie d’un corps absent), 2019

Print on photo paper, 12x12 cm, 50 copies

Épigraphie, 2019

Artist's book published in 3 copies

Bollus, 2019

Inkjet print on matt cotton paper, 29 x 29 cm, 10 copies

Étude, 2019

Copper, pencil, adhesive, 29,7 x 42 cm

Objet Incomplet (mains), 2020

High Temperature Ceramics, 10 x 7 x 4 cm

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The book + an artist book signed and numbered


Geschatte levering: augustus 2020

Receive the mountaincutters book + Épigraphie, 2016 20 x 12 x 3 cm, 291 pages Artist book, 3 copies
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The book + a framed drawing, signed


Geschatte levering: augustus 2020

Receive the mountaincutters book + Étude, 2019 Copper, pencil, adhesive 29.7 x 42 cm
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