MoverShip, the innovative truck-sharing platform for movers companies, reduces the number of trucks on the road and CO2 emissions.

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The move universe is particular: it is close to the freight but has its peculiarities and requires special attention. These are your most valuable asset moving around the world.   Since the existence of the moving company business, almost all companies, regardless of size, is facing the same problem: to provide a high quality service at a reasonable price while being profitable.




Do not cut the budget powerful for qualified personnel and quality materials used, it is on the cost of transportation that MoverShip into action. When mover moves goods from point A to point B, the return from B to A is performed in the empty major part of the cases. To avoid this, moving companies seeking to optimize the cost of their return to carrying goods for other companies. This practice is widespread but is time consuming, is not optimized, require many contacts and is limited to the spoken language.   MoverShip, born of the experience of multiple moving companies, is an interface based on the spirit of carpooling but adapted to the world of the move is kept out of freight exchanges. The goal is to connect applicants and bidders in a simplified manner and securely.




Using MoverShip is so simple to use. Based on Google Maps, it displays clearly the routes and loads suggested by users of the platform. No detail is spared: truck size, weight, volume trucks and offered loads. With a simple click, both parties are related and can monetize the most of their trip.




Registration for the MoverShip platform is 1 € per day to ensure service quality information. A telephone customer service support is provided to guide users of the platform and help them become familiar with the platform if necessary. A free trial period of the platform is also available with moving companies who would like. Video tutorials are also available on the website in multiple languages.



The platform contains a directory of partner companies where each of them has its presentation page. You'll find full contact details, vehicles available and the services offered. Each company which has already corresponded via MoverShip is subject to assessment by its correspondent to share the experiences of everyone and guarantee a high quality service.



MoverShip in its first phase of launch will be proposed to the European market and translated into French, English, German and Italian. In the second phase, it is expected to expand in the East of the globe and the world.

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The funds raised on KissKissBankBank will allow the MoverShip platform to emerge, as follows: - Development of web application compatible across all media and part of the server costs - The MoverShip accreditation in international organizations of the moving world - Communication around the platform and its promotion throughout Europe - Counterparties for you KissBankers   If the amount collected is exceeded, the platform will be translated into more languages and its range will be extended to a larger part of the world, or maybe the entire world.

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