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If you need an app to manage your movies, MOVIST is the app you are looking for! Support the development of the next awesome features.

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MOVIST - Your Personal Movie List


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How MOVIST is born


The team behind the project is essentially composed of developers and designers. Something we all share is our love for movies. Some like to watch them, some like to own them. We thought it was time to delete all our excel sheets full of movie lists and develop an app to keep track of those.


In March 2014, we launched the first version of MOVIST. An app to help everyone manage a movie collection. The app was pretty simple: you were able to search for a movie, add it to your collection and… that was it.


We made the first update (1.1) in April with an iPad optimized version and the synchronization with to keep the collection updated between devices.  


Some days after that version, we made the second update (1.2) available with the ability for the users to see their movies details in a slick interface.  


With MOVIST 1.3 and 1.4, we introduced three new lists : the wish list, the seen list and the watchlist. Thanks to those, you can now manage the movies you own, the movies you want to own, the movies you saw and the movies you want to see.


We currently have a new version, 1.5, ready to be submitted to the App Store. It should be available in a couple of weeks if everything goes well. In this version, we introduce the checkin and a list of trending movies.


What we have right now





The application is currently available on the App Store for less than 2$.

Here is MOVIST 1.5 App Store description :


With MOVIST you can keep track of the movies you own, the movies you wish you had, the movies you saw and the movies you want to watch in a simple and elegant way.


MOVIST will help you :  

• Search

It's easy, just type the title of the movie you want and we'll find it.  

• Manage

You own the movie? Add it to your Collection. You wish you had that movie? Add it to your Wish List. You saw a movie? Mark it as watched. You want to see that movie? Add it to your Watchlist.  

• Brag

Brag about the size of your collection by scrolling through the wall of movie covers you have in your lists.  

• Discover

See what movies are trending. Trending movies are usually new theater or store releases.  

• Checkin

Tell your trakt friends what movie you are watching right now.  

• Synchronize

Keep everything in sync between your iPhone, iPad and the web thanks to integration.


We made an App Video Preview. Here is a sneak peak at the next version of MOVIST for the iPhone :



And for the iPad :




What we would like to have


We have a lot of features we would like to add in MOVIST but the most important ones are here.






Wouldn't it be awesome if you could scan the bar code of the DVD or the Blu Ray you own to add them in your collection instead of typing the movie title in the interface? We would like to do just that. Scan the bar code and get the movie details. Then add it to your lists. No more typing.






Because sometimes, you don't know what to watch or what to buy, we would like to give the user some recommended movies. It could be trending movie, movies the user may like or new releases. We also think it would be cool to see the movies related to another movie.







Sometimes we don't know if a movie is awesome or boring. The community and the user can help. Thanks to movie ratings, we'll tell you if a movie is fresh or not. Our idea is to gather as much movie ratings as possible to be able to give a meaningful rating to MOVIST's users.






When you put a movie in your wish list and this movie is not available in DVD yet, would you like to get notified when it goes out? When you put a movie in your watchlist because you saw this awesome trailer while you're at the movies, would you like to be notified when it is out in the theatres?




We have a lot of ideas to improve MOVIST in some great ways. For instance, we would like the app to be available on more than one platform. We would like to improve the search feature and support more languages. Also, if everything goes really well, we would like to kick off the development of an app dedicated to tv shows.

Waar dient de collecte voor

For the moment, MOVIST has been developed on LINITIX's team own time. We did it first for fun but we would like to transform it into a sustainable business. For the moment, the revenue generated from the app sales are not high but they are increasing (15th of October numbers).




The money will be used essentially to develop the new features we would like MOVIST to have. But we will also use a small amount of the funding to launch a small marketing campaign when the new version of MOVIST is available.


With the first 10k, we would like to develop the new features we talked about :

- scan a movie bar code to add it in your collection

- recommendation : movies you may like, trending movies, new releases

- rating to be able to remember if a movie was awesome or boring

- notification when a movie you would like to own is available in dvd

Also, we will improve the app with :

- app localisation in french first then other languages will be supported

- improvements for the search feature with a powerful tagging system

- offline mode to be able to browse your movie lists without a connection


We would also like to develop the Android version of MOVIST. If we reach 25k, we will begin the development of the Android version right now. If we don't reach this amount, we will develop the Android version anyway but it will take more time.


If we manage to get 50k or more in funding, we would like to make MOVIST available on the :

- Playstore (Android)

- Mac App Store (desktop)


And last but not least, if we get a 100k, we will also begin the development of a second app to manage your TV Shows.


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