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Who are we ? 

We are MUVÉ (musiciens du vélo), musicians on bike, Corentin (21) music student from Paris and Tobias (20) student of visual arts from Kassel. We know each other from 2015 and we share two passions – making music and cycling. These we want to combine in our project this summer.


The project

From the end of July on we will travel one month across France, Benelux and Germany, riding more than two thousand kilometers and play a concert every evening for free. 


Why do we do it ?

As young people, faced with the major ecological, social, and identity crisis in the world, we wish to show that other ways of travelling, of being together as europeans, of playing music to get people together, can exist. Travelling on bicycles is a manifest for a greener, less money oriented and more people oriented future. 


Waar dient de collecte voor

The money we will raise here will help us for several purposes : 

  • Buy portable speakers to plug our computer and use synthesizers during our trip (250 €)

  • Get some solar panels to be more self-sufficient in terms of energy (200€)

If we collect more funds, the money will be used to add one or two portable instruments to our set-list (a mandolin, a ukulele, small percussions)

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