My first portfolio as a graphic designer.

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My first portfolio as a graphic designer.

<p>Hi,</p> <p>My name is Omar and I&#39;m an electrical engineering student at Biskra University. I&#39;m a very diligent and outgoing person. I&#39;m a fluent speaker of three languages: Arabic, English, and French and I want to learn a few more. I have only one hobby. Yet, it consumes all of my free time. I really enjoy creating various types of vector art, although I also love logo design, layout design and designing marketing materials and I&#39;m highly skilled in Adobe CC.</p> <p>I&rsquo;ve always had a love for creativity, right from a very young age. I&#39;m self-taught in graphic design, with about 2 years of experience. My journey led me to grow through trial and error. I watched online tutorials and experimented daily. I loved it. I actually got good. I learned Illustrator and Photoshop, inside and out. I really love the challenge of designing and creating artwork from start to finish. I developed myself by just trying, over and over; constantly improving, project after project.</p> <p>You know that every amateur designer needs to create a portfolio about his skills to start his career.<br /> I&#39;m in a bad financial situation and I can&#39;t create my own portfolio so I need your help to start my career.</p> <p>I will personally receive the funds, and use it to start my project.</p>

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<p>This funds will help me to create my first portfolio as a graphic designer, I will create a professional website that shows my skills and what I can do.</p> <p>If I exceed my goal I&#39;ll help others to start their careers.</p>



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