My Kahani - court-métrage musical franco indien

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Project visual My Kahani - court-métrage musical franco indien
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My Kahani - court-métrage musical franco indien

<p><strong>Pitch:</strong><br /> <em>Maxime introduces a CD of Indian songs inside the CD player of his car. As he listens to this CD, Maxime is seized by the different emotions and he visualizes images inspired by these songs that will take him through musical stories and make him discover the magic of Indian culture...</em></p> <p><br /> <strong>Story of the project:</strong><br /> In 2019, I was listening to a CD of Indian songs that my father had given to me, when&nbsp;I came across a song in Tamil language that gave me the idea of making a video clip for that song.</p> <p>I&#39;m starting the castings, the conception of the choreography as well as the preparation of the shooting.<br /> Then comes the shooting, which brings several surprises and unexpected events to the surface. Very quickly, I find myself overwhelmed by several incidents who pushed me to stop the shooting.</p> <p><br /> After a few months of rest and consideration, the idea of creating A SHORT MUSICAL PRODUCTION came into my mind.<br /> Hope and motivation to complete this project came back. A entire script is written, new songs are added to the soundtrack of the film, new sets make their appearances&nbsp;and new people join the team.</p> <p><br /> Since everything started in 2019, this project has been a learning experience for my qualities and my limits. It is also a dedication to the indian&nbsp;culture I have known since I was a child. Finally, it&#39;s the representation of a&nbsp;evolution, both on a personal and technical way...<br /> I started this project alone with few experiences, I will finish it with a team of artists, friends and more advanced knowledges...</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>Your donations will help me to prepare the shooting, such as&nbsp;renting and managing the shooting equipment (nearly 1300 euros).<br /> The rest of your donations will be used on the one hand for the actors&#39; make-up and on the other hand for the the team&#39;s travels and the meals.<br /> &nbsp;</p>


Featured reward

Free seat for the screening of the short film (December 2021)


In return, you will get an invitation with a free seat at the cinema (in Paris) for the preview and screening of the short film, in December 2021. The 20 euros doesn't mean money given (I won't be able to give 20 euros to each of the donors). It is the value of your seat at the cinema (between 20 and 50 euros) that you will not pay. Anyone you invite to the event (family members, friends) are welcome, but they will have to pay for a seat (at least 10 euros) to have access to the screening room.

Estimated delivery: December 2021

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