My Success will be yours

My Success will be yours

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My Success will be yours



 This is the story of a little boy inhabited by his passion. The Legend says that Yann Pfeiffer was born on a fairway.


At school, he was struggling to focus in a classroom for more than 30 minutes , but he could spend hours on the putting green, until he made his 100 putts in a row.  

Teachers described him as "turbulent". His golf coaches did not have the same opinion, they were describing him as a fighter : "This kid never gives up, he will go far " During his lunch break, Yann would not eat at the cafeteria: he used to eat his mom’s car, who were driving him to his golf club to train on his.  


 He was dreaming to play against the best amateurs, for which he had to be eligible go to college in America. He heard some 'you're not good enough' or 'you'll never get there' in high school, but he never gave up. And the hard work paid off: he graduated with a Scientific degree from gih school with honors, while playing regularly for National French team. He got a scholarship and flew straight to America. That's the effect of golf on Yann: persevering, surpassing himself, winning.


Hard work is what has punctuated these four years. When he was not playing a tournament, his days looked like this:



6:00 am: 12 track laps (for his first year)

7am: Workout session

9am: golf training

2pm-6pm Class session

After 6 pm: Home works








This boy is me. I think of him today, who got in the US without speaking a word of English, and who is now a graduate in finance from an American University. I think back to the lessons of humility that forged the player I’ve become. I think back to the day when I nearly dumped everything, and that same day I went back to train, even more motivated:


The tournament is called Thalis Park Invitational, and that day my game was not up to my expectations. I came back disappointed. I couldn’t take it anymore, it's too hard, I could not do it anymore. I called my family, and I told l them that the fire was gone out, I actually wanted to give up. I remember perfectly their answer: "Wait Yann, if it was easy, then everyone would be at the top level, and there would be no merit to be champion. The true champions are those who get up after the storm, those who persevere when everyone else gives up. If you're not ready for the hard knocks, stop right now "



That day, I decided to NEVER give up. To train harder than others, to be POSITIVE and to forge a beating mind.





I am Yann Pfeiffer, I believe in myself, in the strength of my dream and I will give everything to get there.



Let’s achieve this dream together : contribute to my crowdfunding to finance the next golfing season.




•Technique coach:


- Technique Coach: Benoit Willemart (Benoit Willemart EuropeanTour coach since 2004 with 2 wins on the European tour and 4 wins on the challenge tour



Physique preparation


- Personal Trainer: Sekou Samassi

- Mental Coach: Makis Chamalidis

- Nutritionniste + Stretching : Francois Devalliere

- Osteopath: Emmanuel Francois



Training facilities


-  Saint Nom la Bretèche Golf club

-Other courses around Paris  (Golf of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Golf National...)

- Off-season : Essaouira (Maroc) Square and Swing Academy

- Fitness Park : Gym







International tournaments


- Winner Florida A&M invitational

- Selection in the french national team



Professional tournaments


- TOP 15  at Open de Mogador (Tournoi du Pro golf Tour)

- Qualified for the Open de Saint Omer Challenge tour



National tournament


- Championnat de France des Jeunes

- Twice  Semi Final

- Once Quarter Final

- Once last 16th

- Winner of Grand Prix d’Amiens

- Winner of Grand Prix de Guerville

- Winner of Championnat Kristoffy de la ligue de Paris

- Winner of Grand Prix de Villarceaux

- Winner of grand Prix de Saint-Cloud 

- Winner of grand prix du Prieuré

- Pro golf tour 2017 Qschool: 68 -   (74 74) T47 Got Categorie 8 on Pro golf tour

Waar dient de collecte voor

I will be playing Pro golf tour in 2018:


This tour have in total 22 tournaments. I have 13 left.They will take place in Austria, Czech republic, Germany, Netherlands, et Poland.



On tournament cost around 1,000€ taking in consideration

 - Entree fee 257€

- Flight 300€

- Rental car 150€

- Hotel or Airbnb 250€

- Extras : Meals, yardage book.. 200€



En comptant tout cel, le reste de la saison s'élève à 13,000€ en frais de tournois.

n order to optimize my chances, I must also pay my staff which includes around 5,000 €

Finally, the European cards at the end of the year are also to be taken into account. The registration is 1800 € without counting travelling and costs on site.



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A fun golf head cover + 9 holes with me at Golf Saint nom la Bretèche
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