It is time for us to launch a new version of our website. Help us develop the gay website of your dreams :-)

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For three years, we’ve been trying to offer you a new experience of gay travel.


Gay bars and clubs, boutique or design hotels, best tables ... Every gay venue is listed on the iconic ones, those you do not want to miss, but also the most secret ones, those that only locals know about.


Many of you take the time to thank us for the work we provide daily and ask for more :)


Today, we ask you to help our team offer you more!




We listened to all your remarks and we are ready to work on a new version of the website : more contents, new design, easier to surf. But to do so, we need you!


New version means:


- More news, a wider range of topical subjects  (life, sexy, people, culture, travel, tech ...)


- New features to meet gay people in the city of your next destination and share your tips with them


- A brand new design (see below an exclusive preview)





- A "responsive design" website for your mobile and your tablet so you can find the info you want wherever you are.


The investments required to take this course are important for a young start-up like ours and we really need you.


Since this site is not only our site but also your site, we would like you to take this symbolic part in our future. If you appreciate the work we’ve been doing for 3 years now, please support us.


This fund raising will help us finalize the development of existing features and develop new ones. We also need to promote the site through advertising on the Internet : our success relies on  the size of the community worldwide.


Investment for such developments are expensive but mandatory if we want to improve the quality of service we’ve been  providing for 3 years.

Waar dient de collecte voor

With € 3,000, we will hire journalists and publish more news every day on a wider range of topics (life, tech, culture, people and even more travel news).


If we reach € 5,000, we will be able to create a new design for Yes we know, it's about time but these things cost money :-(


If luckily we reach the € 10,000 threshold we can launch the mobile news app.



We need you!

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