Nai-Jah - Nouvel Album "Uwa Shirike"

Contribute in order to raise funds for ou next album "Uwa Shirike" out this November 2017

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Nai-Jah - Nouvel Album "Uwa Shirike"

After 2 E.P and over 100 concerts in France, Switzerland and Germany, we are glad to announce that we have started working on our first LP album "Uwa Shirike" and intend to bring it out this October 2017.



"Uwa Shirike" means "The world is difficult" in Igbo, one of the native languages in Nigeria.



We need you for this huge project.


Wa have launched this "KissKissBankBank" project to raise funds in order to finalise the album's coming out!


Listen to the EPNai-jah_pochette_-1487154581






Lead singer/Guitar:

Wadike Mahakwe

Nigerian-French, he arrived in France in 2006. Created the band Nai-Jah in 2011. Well he is the Boss!! But i assure you he is really nice!!



Delaunay Nicolas

From Lyon, Nico is a graduate of the CRR and the CEFEDEM (music conservatories). He has played and still plays with quite a few bands, (Dokhandème , Vaudou Game, Alibutton, Patrice Kalla). Be impressed because when he starts playing, nothing stops him. Except the boss of course!!!


Tuba (Bass):

Julliard Greg

A graduate of the ENM Villeurbanne and the Chambery conservatory , you must have seen him somewhere on stage (The Fat Bastard, Les Monstroplantes, Loic Lantoine). I think he secretly has a double hidden somewhere!!



Tian Gordon

Gordy is from Guadeloupe, has played various instruments in bands ranging from Zouk to Rock not forgetting gospel music and of course reggae!! He has done it all!!!


Piano/Vocalsand all other possible music embellishment!!

Macler Raistlin Raphaël

New to the band, this dude has been on the music road for now more than 15 years. As a DJ, MC, Beatmaker,pianist..the list is too long!!!




We are proud to present our last clip "What shall be blessed" by Ynception.





NAI-JAH at the Festival du TONTON 2016



Waar dient de collecte voor

The creation and conception of an album as we all know brings about huge expenses, and that is why we humbly ask our friends, family, fans and strangers to help us in fulfilling this project.


Here is a breakdown of the costs;





The goal of the KissKiss is not to raise the whole budget for the album but to help in the production and development of the album.

This is why we have put a goal of 4000€. A sum that will cover our Studio fees.


If more is raised?


If ever your kindness exceeds our common goal, we might then be able to put the money into marketing or the making of another clip.


We thank you in advance and hope to continue this journey with all of you.

Much Love.



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