New Firepump for our volunteer firedepartment

Fund our firepump that will last us for the next 15-20 years!

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New Firepump for our volunteer firedepartment



We are a small firedepartment from a small village with a very big responsibility. We protect the village - people and animals from chimney and forest fires. Our department is allmost one hundred years old and so far we have had a total of 5 firepumps that served us well.


We educate our youth to be volunteer firefighters in the spirit of solidarity and helping thy neighbour. Our work with the fire departments is also to control  and regularly check the pressure of the hydrant network, every year we test our villagers' fire extinguishers.


We are a team who helps the villagers' with whatever problems they might have, from unclogging the toilet to saving a cow that got trapped in a ditch and stereotypically, saving cats from the trees. We built a basketball course and hockey playground in the past.

There are no employed people in our department, no-one gets paid, everyone is a volunteer and we keep a strict schedule to have at least 5 firefighters available 24/7.




But now, our fire-pump is failing. It's no longer reliable to start when we need it, always takes some tome to get it going.  We can't let happen in case of emergency. This isn't a surprise, since the pump is older than all the quick response firefighters in the department. Without a fire-pump, we are like soldiers without rifles.




Our fire department notices that there are less and less fires due to better architecture, materials and fire awareness. One of the bigger hazards are EV solar panels, which are made of non fire-resistant materials.


The department is dealing also with other projects because of this, one of them is providing CPR to the villagers in case of heart attack before the ambulance arrives, we take care of the local playground, we are the local community. 


Our fire pumps were often used to pump out water from houses and barn after  and during flooding, to prevent cows and horses from drowning. Our village - Luže - translates to "puddles".

The municipality is partly funding our project, people contribute as much as they can spare, we were 5000€ short, and at the time we need €2000 to pay it in full.

We will buy the company from the company MF Plus (, which imports and services all Ziegler professional firefighter equipment.




We decided to purchase one of the best fire pumps on the market, Ziegler Ultra Power 4, which we will be able to use also for help with the neighbouring fire-departments and pumping water uphill to the steep hills under the mountains.

We've already tested it and we are very impressed on it's performance and ease of use. The down-payment has already been made, and we are trying to find sponsor now to pay for it.




Our youth is regularly competing in the firefighter competitions and have so far already surpassed us in their success for which we are very proud of. For the reward we take them for a trip every year on the firefighters budget.







Waar dient de collecte voor

If funding exceeds our goal, we will:

- renew basketball backboards


- create an improvized ice-skating ring for the local kids in the middle of the village


- in case of lack of snow - make artifitial snow, (since we have access to high-pressure water).


- buy new equipment for our youth - so they can represent our team in the competitions with style


- the rest we will save towards buying a new firetruck in 2022.


We live under a ski resort and tourism is going high, so we were also thinking in to making a room for skiers in a firefighter style in the attic of our fire-department. (Faucets would look like hydrants, the colour theme would be red), but those are project for the future, first we have to be 100% equipped for fire protection.









The acquired funds will go directly to the Fire-department PGD Luže's bank account and I am the one transferring it to the distributor. This will happen in the end of 2017 at latest or - as soon as our crowdfunding campaign is finished, planned just before Christmas in 2017

For more information and pictures, you can visit our Facebook page:

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