NoName Festival, to the future !

The future of the NoName Festival is threatened. Support this cultural and community project!

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NoName Festival, to the future !

Eight years ago, we founded 'NoName', a non-conformist project with which we did not want to follow the trends of the music industry, nor those of the majority of mainstream festivals today. Starting from a local party of 200 people, last year we counted more than 6000 people over the weekend.


We were based from the very start in the picturesque and beautiful town of Ovifat, exploiting in turn different unique places like the Bayehon valley, Reinhardstein Castle or our last point of fall, the ski slopes.

Over the years, we have invited artists who share our passion for music and the arts in all its forms. With whom we were sure to have an incredible experience.

However, the realities of the cultural world are leading to increasing difficulties for festivals to stand out. Convinced of the unique spirit that has made the success of our project, thanks in large part to the love expressed by our audience, we nevertheless face many constraints: increase in artists' fees, homogenization of line-ups, difficulty of communication with the authorities,...


All these reasons forced us to take a year off. We are however working body and soul to make this special event continue. And this objective is led by the non-profit association which founded this community, cultural and artistic project in the Eastern Belgian Cantons region in 2010.


But we believe we have done things right, with laudable intentions, putting forward a region from a cultural point of view, in addition to its undeniable environmental and tourist assets. Our audience had checked the NoName in their annual agenda, and were looking forward to seeing some familiar faces on the stage at Le Bosquet or at the corner of the bar on the main stage.



A human-sized festival, offering at the same time a sharp program in electronic music, hip-hop, reggae or jazz and trip-hop influences, but also a strong interaction with multidisciplinary artists who are themselves participating in the construction of this annual event, NoName is meant to be convivial and resolutely unique.



A hundred artists are showcased each year during a long weekend of 3 days. We make a point of honour of the extensive line-up, to which are added complementary activities such as masterclasses, free meditation or yoga workshops, meetings with artists, and many other things to emphasize the proximity between the public, the artists and the organization.

Evidence of organic development and public confidence, the campsite experienced an incredible boom in 2017, rising from 300 visitors the previous year to over 1000 people.



In 2015, we have also taken a turning point and an important decision: the NoName will gradually become an example of sustainable development.

For example, we intend to reduce our ecological footprint to almost ZERO, by favouring the use of reusable cups, dry toilets, but also by offering free water, a campsite at a fair price, or a cashless system, portable ashtrays and ecological deposits.

The Walloon Government has supported us for several years in order to achieve these objectives.

That is not all, because these are fairly conventional measures, we will in future opt for short circuits, food from organic farming, and the greenest possible electricity supply.



Unfortunately, this is no longer possible at this juncture. A year without a festival has put the non-profit association in a difficult position, both financially and practically (in anticipation of the relocation required to continue to develop).


The challenge is already present every year to organize an ambitious and important event, while not following trends and fashions or investing astronomical amounts.  We have done it 8 times... but what does the future hold for us?

In this regard, we can announce (90% sure) that the NoName Festival will have a new venue in 2019! Without totally revealing our active research for several months, see below an overview of the incredible environment that could be ours in the future:



However, this dream will only be possible with your help.


We are asking for it through this fundraising campaign rather than involving private investors, in order to maintain the integrity of the festival at all costs!



We wish to continue to develop this beautiful project which has a community, social, cultural and artistic vocation, while keeping a human size to preserve this conviviality and this so particular atmosphere.


Here are some images from the 2017 edition:



You know, this project is run by a non-profit association for a good reason: it is open, participatory and community based.


Whether you are a regular visitor, if you recently discovered NoName or if this project simply challenges you, we would be happy and honoured to be able to count on you.



Concretely, the amount raised will enable us to begin the transition to the new NoName 2019 era, i.e. to advance the necessary funds and guarantees for the future and above all to hold out in 2018 in order not to sink permanently.


All the counterparts available to your right are the result of the participation of a multitude of artists who have visited the festival grounds since 2010. We thank them very much for their support, hoping to welcome them again and make you dance, smile and love <3!



At the same time, we thank all the artists who have played for NoName since the beginning. Everyone trusted us at one time or another and it was always a great pleasure to welcome them.

100 Crew – A.M.C – Abdre – Agents of Time – Alex Niggemann – Alex Smoke – Alix Perez – Andrea – Andreas Henneberg – Antigone – Aphrodite – Athys & Duster – Atomic Spliff – Awir Leon – Benjamin Damage – Billy Caso – Black Square Patchwork – Boris Brejcha – Break – BVA – Cabasa – Caspro – Centième Orkestra – Chill Bump – Christian Guntermann – Christian Löffler – Club Marcelle – Coffeeboy – Dabbla – Dario Zenker – David Baurmann – DBridge – DC Breaks – Deadbeat – Desk – DJ Vadim – DkA – Dominik Eulberg – Dou Dou – Dr. Rubinstein – Dragon Eliott – Dyscrown & See-J – El Choop – Elohim – Erbery – Extrawelt – Fakear – Fliptrix – Forward Fever – Fourward – Freeman – French Doctors – Gabriel Ananda – Gaetan Godart – Gamma Sound – Great Junk – Gustave Brass Band – Hunter/Game – Hypoxia – Illaman – Imago & Rapha – Issa Maïga – Jade – Jah Free – Jah Observer – Jake Chambers – Jam Baxter – Joel Kehren – Joker – Jon Mosto – Jorge Martins – Joseph S Joyce – Jumo – June Miller – Kalbut Dsgn – Daniel[i] – Kevin Servais – Kiwi – Kognitif – Kptn Deepspace – Krisztian Dobrocsi – Lakkes – LGH – Lucid – Luke Winter – M-Soul & S27 – Manudigital – Marc Romboy – Mardook – Mathew Jonson – Max Cooper – Maztek – Mike Latona – Mindscape – Mordekai – Naozobra – Nymfo – O.B.F. & Shanti D – Odjbox – Om Unit – Osica – Oxia – Pierre Green – Poldoore – Prisme – Psoman – Pythius – Radikal Guru & Echo Ranks – Reggaebus – RIN – Rodriguez Jr – Roméo Elvis & Le Motel – Ryan Davis – Salto Mortale – Sebastian Mullaert – Sev Dah – Seven – Skeptical – Slugabed – Søma – SpectraSoul – State of Mind – Stavroz – Stephan Bodzin – Superpoze – Tape That – Taubefeder – Teddy Killerz – Thds – Thomas Fierke – Thomas von der Brücke  – Tig & Rapunzel – Toska – Traumer – Truska – Turtur – TWR72 – Van Did – Van Ka – Verb T – Violetta – Weeding Dub – Woodini – Worriedaboutsatan – Xtronx – Yan Albert – Yan de Fruust & Raul Souk – Yoetc – Youssef Elis – Zoo

































Waar dient de collecte voor

The funds collected will only be intended for the non-profit association NONAME Belgium, organizer and official representative of NoName activities.



The total amount collected will allow:

- obviously the payment of the commission of KissKissBankBank of 8%,
- the shipment of the various counter-parties or the costs they involve,
- mainly to meet the costs and expenses incurred during this transitional year 2018,
- finally to commit the necessary guarantees for the NoName Festival 2019.


If we are lucky enough to surpass the initial objective (know that the total value of the available counterparts is approximately 30.000€!!), we will be able to continue to offer both stickers and other merchandising such as T-Shirts specially designed for 2018, but above all we will gradually rebalance NoName's chances of persisting in the future!

Thank you in advance for your help and generosity. The whole NoName team has always been happy and proud to welcome you but also to create this enthusiasm around a community and cultural project.



























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Max Cooper's vinyl


Geschatte levering: augustus 2019

A vinyl signed by artist Max Cooper!
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Sebastian Mullaert's vinyl


Geschatte levering: augustus 2019

A vinyl by artist Sebastian Mullaert!
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Menu for 2 at Les Oiseaux s'entêtent


Geschatte levering: september 2018

A vegetarian menu for 2 valid at the restaurant "Oiseaux s'entêtent" located at KulturA in Liège.
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NoName Sweater


Geschatte levering: augustus 2019

A NoName tucked sweater! (depending on available sizes)
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A meditation session


Geschatte levering: september 2018

A meditation session by the osteopath Caroline Jacob! (exclusively in Liege)
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Serigraph from Pso Man


Geschatte levering: september 2018

A serigraph by the artist Pso Man!
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A set from the new techno project The Prophecy (Hypoxia) !


Geschatte levering: september 2018

Enjoy an exclusive set from the new techno project The Prophecy (Hypoxia) for your event! (excl. transport, accommodation, catering, etc)
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NoName is coming to your house to party!


Geschatte levering: december 2018

NoName is coming to your house with decoration, a sound system and DJs, so you can enjoy the festival atmosphere ! (only to enjoy in Belgium, by a private)
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