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Nos seins nous exposent



I am Kirk Bayama. I am a journalist and director. I consider myself as an ally of feminism. I am committed to fighting violence against women. I struggle daily for gender equality.





I have been working on this project since 2014. In 2015, thanks to € 5,285 collected here, I was able to go to Cameroon to make a first shoot.



After maturing the project, I made the decision to go to Cameroon next April to complete the filming and finish the film by the end of this year.


To get there, I come to ask for the support of family, friends, colleagues and Internet users via the Kisskissbankbank platform.





"Our breasts ... Our plague," is heartfelt appeal  from many girls and women victims of breast ironing in Cameroon.

Breast ironing is a practice of using heated or unheated objects to massage (knead, squeeze or tap), scarify or bandage the breasts to prevent them from growing or to make them disappear.



Used items : Pestle, Ladle, Stone, Cluster, Ants, Broom, Bamboo, Spoon, Leaf, Peanut Seed, Couscous, Banana Peel, Black Fruit Nut, Salt, Towel, Bottle of Water, Ice Cube, Oil ...



Aim of the practice : To remove girls from men's eyes to protect them from pregnancies and early marriages.




Breastfeeding Problems - Breast Decrease - Breast Enlargement - Breast Squeezing (Breast ptosis) - Pulsating Breast - Burns - Injury - Itching - Excruciating Pain - Cyst - Abscess - Headache - Breast Cancer Risk. 





Since 2005, the association, RENATA, Aunties National Network, composed mainly of mother-girls and victims of violence (ironing of the breasts, excision, rape,) has been actively fighting against this practice. It wants the practice to be recognized as a public health problem by the Cameroonian government.



We will discover this unknown practice to the general public trough the Cathy’s life course. She is 29 years old and mother of two boys. She is trainer and militant in the RENATA organization.



She was a victim. She experienced the consequences of the practice.She has been dedicating her life to combat the breast ironing and all the issues of gender-based violence since 2005. She is regularly on the ground by meeting victims, militants, villages’ chiefs, patriarchs and political authorities.

Around our thread that is Cathy, will come graft other protagonists: victims, experts (anthropologist, doctors), activists, trainers, traditional and political authorities.




Shooting: From April 14 to May 05, 2018

Editing: June - September 2018

Finalization: September - November 2018




Waar dient de collecte voor

"Kirk Bayama will collect the entire collection"




To make the documentary, we need: € 12,200. We already have     € 3700 €. We still have € 8500 € to collect.


We have set our Kisskissbankbank crowdfounding at € 2,000 to be sure to benefit from this fundraising campaign.


If at the end of the collection we do not reach the € 2,000 , the donors will be reimbursed. If we collect € 2000  and more, it will help us to make progress on the realization of our documentary.




· Rental material: € 1000  

· Flight ticket + visa: € 700 

· Salaries 2 assistant-e-s + 1 guide + driver: € 700  

· Accommodation + transport + catering + Other expenses in Cameroon: € 2,300 




· Assembly + calibration: € 3,500 

· Sound engineer: 1000 € · Original music: € 1,000  

· Promotion + registration for festivals: € 2,000 



It must not be forgotten...

8% of the amount collected will be paid to Kisskissbankbank as commission costs.

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