Nouvel EP d'Hoxy More

Help Hoxy More to record her up coming EP !!

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Nouvel EP d'Hoxy More

Hi !! It's such a pleasure to see you there !

We may met when I was living in China or in England, on stage, or when I was traveling...

Or if you listened to my song Madame...


Today I need you so that I can move forward into my musical experience and record my new EP (5 tracks).

This crowdfunding calls to your generosity to help a young and bold artist !

This EP will allow me to have a tool I can use to solicit music venues, festivals, radios, web-radios, specialized magazines, also to make myself known, but more importantly to be with you, whenever you want, wherever you are.






My studies lead me to live in China and in England where I sang, played, composed, wrote, and above all listened and learnt humanely and musically speaking.

I always finish what I undertake, that's why I graduated and passed a Master degree in International Trade and Foreign languages (Chinese and English),


But when we love, we never give up.



IMG_7959 copie_Fotor


I decided to follow the path of music.

First of all with my project, Hoxy More and the concerts, these moments of sharing, out of time, so stirring and addictive.


I now go into depth and practice music in the "French Song Department" at the National Music School in Villeurbanne with guitar, piano, composition and arrangement, interpretation and singing classes.


I share my experience as a singing teacher at the Contemporary Music School in Bourgouin Jallieux.






It will be composed of 5 songs that i currently play during my concerts. The song Madame will be part of it !

They will all be original french pop-rock style songs. Talented musicians will bring their touch to the EP, such as Simon Cholat, Gabriel Zerep, Simon Hel, and more which I keep secret for now... The EP will be launched in autumn !






I've chosen 11 stages, from 5 to 1000 euros. You are free to choose the amount you wish to donate, knowing you obtain your compensation in exchange for your generosity ! (Digital EP, signed CD... you can even get a private concert !)  

Waar dient de collecte voor

The EP is already being recorded. The 2500 euros will allow me to carry it to conclusion up to the CD pressing.


- Recording 39%

- Mixing 14%

- Mastering 18%

- Pressing 29%


I will receive the full amount of the campaign and from June 2017, I will use it as described above. 

I will take care of the other expenses such as SDRM fees, the musicians participations, along with the sleeve design of the EP, the kisskissbankbank 8% fees and the cost of the presents. 







You will be able to bring your contribution to the project until the 15th of June. Which means we have 37 days to share the campaign, by talking about it around us in order to reach the objective !! If the goal is exceeded, i will be the happiest person ever and will keep on moving forward with...




The extra 1250 € will be used to produce a music video of one the song on the EP ! Each participation matters, and together, we can make this CD, a reality. Thanks for meeting this challenge with me !



While I wait for this project to succed, you can check me up at my next concerts, on social medias (Facebook, Instragram, Twitter and Youtube)... See you soon !


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