It seems we need a pianoforte...

Get an historical keyboard and travel through times !

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It seems we need a pianoforte...

                                      (English subtitles available on the video)


My name is Marine Granier and I need your help to make history alive (nothing more, nothing less !).

I'm an opera singer (light mezzo-soprano for initiate people), and re-enactress, specialized in 1680-1815 periods, and this crowdfunding will help me to be more authentic in my work than just fashion-wise. 

All I need is a spinet, an instrument of choice for court composers, travelers and harpsichord students.

As you may know, or maybe not, I perform with a hidden speaker, which was not quite the solution for that particular period and it doesn’t allow me to work on pieces that are not recorded in the right pitch. The modern piano is not a solution either as the works of baroque composers don’t sound authentic with the 440Hz LA note pitch.

Spinet on the other hand is the best solution possible for me to continue my work in order to be historically accurate as much as possible. 

What is a spinet ?

(Here’s an example of winged spinet, after Silbermann)


Waar dient de collecte voor

Spinet is a small variation of a harpsichord, originated in Italy during the 16th century, and became popular in the 17th and 18th centuries in England and France due to their cheaper price and “travel-friendly” size. 

Nowadays the starting price point of a restored spinet is at 3 000 euros, which is where I need your help.

Like any crowdfunding, your contribution will not be forgotten and your name will be mentioned in every future recording as benefactors, that is, if you are ok with this of course. As for immediate counterparts, you can see in the section on the left.

Starting prices for both instruments are 3 000€.
In case of a successful campaign, I’ll pursue fundraising (3000€ is the first step) and order my new instrument.

Thank you for your time !

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