Octet la Nocturne - Premier Album

L'octet la Nocturne will finally be able to record its first album with the label Odradek Records! Pre-order here!

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Octet la Nocturne - Premier Album

Octet la Nocturne is a Montpellierain jazz band that has been performing on stages in the south of France for several years (but not only). Eight musicians, a formation openly inspired by the Octet of Charles Mingus. Starting from an identical instrumentation, but at the service of original compositions, the Octet creates a music rooted in New York jazz of the 50’s but objectively modern. It is this mixture that makes La Nocturne, the improvisations go beyond the instrumental chorus, the band is always ready to react to the rantings of the conductor, however surprising they may be. For a band, recording the first album is a first step, it’s a first goal to achieve. We have existed for more than 5 years, it is time to freeze in time the music of the Octet. This album will undoubtedly be a springboard for the future of the band, it will also allow to start thinking about the new repertoire and the new album. But this is another story.. Benefiting from the financial and professional support of the Odradek Record label, the Octet la Nocturne has the opportunity to record its first album, it will be recorded in a way that could be described as "old school", namely in a single room. The rendering will be faithful to the fiery performances of the Octet. The recording is scheduled for the beginning of summer 2022 and the album will be released in early 2023.

Allocation of funds

The album will be recorded in co-production with Odradek Records. The Octet needs 4000 euros to complete the project (Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Visuals, Distribution...) An additional 1000 euros for the creation of vinyls. A possible surplus would allow us to pay for sending the counterparties and the journey to register in Italy.




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It’s cute it’s sweet. We thank you for your help. You’ll have access to 5 digital tracks.

Estimated delivery: January 2023

Little Cat


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Little Cat, it’s cute, it’s sweet. You’ll have access to the entire digital album, unlimited listening, everywhere, all the time.

Estimated delivery: January 2023

Teenage Cat


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Teenage Cat, Octet Happy. You will receive in your mailbox the magnificent album of the Octet la Nocturne signed by all the musicians + access to the digital album (you never know)

Estimated delivery: January 2023

Student Cat


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Student Cat, a breath of freedom. Option 1 : You will receive at home our superbly signed album and also a very stylish magic T-shirt of the Octet la Nocturne. Option 2 : You are a purist, you only want the vinyle (shipping included) of the Octet and nothing else. (Yes, a thank you and signings)

Estimated delivery: January 2023

Independent Cat


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Independent Cat, a choice of life, a destiny. You’re kind, you’re a purist. but you also have a car with a CD player, you want to take the Octet on your travels, very good idea. Vinyl + CD Album

Estimated delivery: January 2023

Fulfilled cat


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Fulfilled cat, Serenity, life. You are a purist, you have a car with a CD player but you also pay attention to your style. You are a fulfilled cat. Album CD + Digital + Vinyl + T-Shirt + Frankly... thank you!

Estimated delivery: January 2023

Flying Cat


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Flying Cat, you fly, it’s amazing! You switch to champion mode. You are entitled to all counterparties: Album CD + Digital + Vinyl + T-Shirt + frankly.... super thank you! AND IN ADDITION you will be invited to the concerts of the Octet la Nocturne (yes plural) as many times as you want.

Estimated delivery: January 2023

Flying Cat 2, The Return!


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Flying Cat 2, The Return! You fly even more, it’s even more incredible. I don’t know what to say, you have access to all the counterparties and there we put your name directly on the album, you are a kind of patron...

Estimated delivery: January 2023

Fat Big Cat


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Fat Big Cat, you’re no longer interested in flying, you’re a half-god cat. All the counterpart, your name on the album, you are clearly a patron, the Octet thanks you, the Jazz thanks you... I’m speechless. Ha I have an idea! You will have the right to choose the title of a song from the next album.

Estimated delivery: January 2023



OPEL CORSA TUNING I made the bet that at least one person would opt for the Opel Corsa Tuning Pack, please help me win my bet. You have a concert of the Octet la Nocturne (in the South of France) in a place where there is a real piano!

Estimated delivery: January 2023

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