Olybird - 1er EP

The time has come for Olybird to record her first E.P. Experience and share her adventure!

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Olybird - 1er EP


I would never have imagined that one day, the songs that I used to write alone in my room could ever leave this place and be recorded with professionals. This E.P is a dream come true. A dream that took me a while to own up to.


Above all, this EP is a matter of encounters. Without them, I would certainly not be here with this fundraising project. Musical encouters, but mostly human encounters who kept supporting me in making my music become real.


I’ve always loved to sing- ever since I was a child, but because of my shyness I continuously hid my singing. I quickly realized that a simple song could take me to far away places and helped calm me down.





Something clicked in 2011, when one of my best friends offered me her old guitar. After this I started to learn how to play on the internet and filled tons of notebooks with song drafts.Some of them remained in my journals, some others did not.





Then I posted some videos on YouTube and in 2012, I was given the opportunity to do my first ever concert during the Summertime Sessions Festival in Lille. After this, my shows came one after another in different venues such as bars and cafés in my hometown. I would often sing alone with my guitar, and was sometimes accompanied by other musician friends.



After a great journey in Canada, where I experienced wonderful encounters, house concerts, and the beauty and vastness of nature, I came back home with a multitude of emotions that I felt a strong desire to write about and turn into songs.




The 5 songs I have chosen for my E.P are my most well rounded and I can’t wait to give them life in the studio. To produce and arrange them, I am lucky to be given the chance to collaborate with DELBI, a well-known musician from my hometown.  I admire his world, his influences, and his way of thinking and creating music. A talented songwriter and sound engineer, I believe he is a musical craftsman who knows where to bring my songs. 


If you want to discover the world of Olybird music, check out this link:

Olybird Youtube Channel



My influences come mainly from pop and folk music, but vary between soul, jazz and indie, including artists such as Jack Johnson, Lauryn Hill, Kings Of Convenience, Coldplay, John Mayer, Norah Jones, Ray Lamontagne and Bon Iver.


Photo credit: http://www.nam-art.fr/


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1800€: Recording and mixing. 2 working days/track, including the intervention of professional musicians.

150€: Compensations.

170€: KissKissBankBank fee.

200€: Promotion and broadcasting of my music.


If I succeed in collecting more money, this money would mainly help me to develop and promote my music!

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