On ne Badine Pas Avec L'amour

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On ne Badine Pas Avec L'amour

After four years of touring with their first show «Tracks», B-side Company will start a new creation based on the story «Don't triffle with love» from Alfred de Musset, adapted to the circus. Supported by the associaton «Les Rumeurs Qui Courrent» based in Saône et Loire, B-side will continue its wish to open up the circus to everybody.


Thanks to their autonomous aerial structure (portique) they can install their show almost everywhere, making it possible to bring their performances to places you wouldn't expect them. Such as more rural areas where people don't often have the chance to go and see theatre and circus.


In 2016 B-side Company meets the artist and director Ezec Le Floc'h and the following year they worked together for a recreation of «Tracks». This work together gave them the common wish to create a new show. With the impulse of Ezec the company starts this new creation which will premier in April 2019.



-    The Show


«On ne badin pas avec l'amour»

The piece is set around the Baron's castle with as main caracters Camille, his niece, a young woman of 18 years old who was raised in a nunnery, and Perdican the his son who recently recieved his doctorate. Perdican and Camille have always loved eachother, but Camille, who has been educated very strictly by the Sisters in the nunnery, who have all been victims of failed love stories, has learned never to trust a man. She has thus decided to return there, and to dedicate her life to God.


In spite of everything Camille continues to hide her feelings for Perdican, all not to hurt her pride. She writes a letter to Louise, a Sister in the nunnery, in which she explains the lengths she went to in order to make Perdican despise her, and she talks about the despair that the latter is in because of her rejection. During an argument between Dame Pluche (Camille's nurse-maid) and Maître Blazius (the Baron's advisor), Perdican stumbles upon the letter. Feeling hurt, he let's pride and vanity take the better of him. So he decides to take revenge by seducing Rosette, a young village-girl, and Camille's milk-sister. Hoping to make his cousin jealous he meets up with Rosette, making sure Camille witnesses them. However Camille finds out through Dame Pluche that Perdican found her letter, and immediately connects the dots. As revenge she reveals to Rosette that Perdican is only toying with her. Rosette sees that she has been fooled. Camille and Perdican finally profess their love for eachother in the last scene. However Rosette, who had been observing them, can't handle it and dies of heart-ache. 


- The Creation


With these characters and their story as a frame the B-side Company and Ezec will create a circus show with acrobatics and aerials. By using their common corporal language of circus the company tells the story of the six characters and their relationships. The circus disciplines gives them the possibility to bring a fresh and modern view of the classic piece, as well as an extra dimension for the audience. 


As in the last show,  «Tracks»the portique (aerial structure) will play a central role: technicaly because it allows the artists to use aerial circus disciplines (swining trapeze, vertical rope and straps) and artistically because it will also function as an element of stage design. It allows actions to happen at different levels and thus bringing the audience deeper into the show's universe.


All of the characters will have very distinct costumes, making it possible to switch up who plays them. Characters could be played by a woman in one scene and by a man in the other. This also allows for main characters of the story excel in multiple circus disciplines, and also serves as a notion to the classical theatre when women were not allowed on stage and all female roles were played by men. 


Next to that, within the piece, the choir will apear, and will punctuate actions or create supplementary dialogue. Often their pressence will give comedic moments, and raise the possibilty for more collective actions on stage.


-    The Team


Flora Lacornerie   Hand to Hand

Flora is born in 1990 in Grenoble, she wants to jump, dance, sing and enjoy herself. Till her eight-teenth birthday she takes classes in circus, dance, theatre and singing. In 2008 she enters the preperatory circus school in Lyon as a trapezist. It is there that she discovers partner acrobatics: a true revalation, she wants to fly! Next year she meets Thibaud with whom she enters into the ACaPA (Acadamy for Circus and Performance Art) in Tilburg. In 2014 they creat Duo Non de noN and their show «Pindakaas!». Next to that they often give workshops in hand-to-hand.


Paul van der Maat    Handstand and Straps

Paul starts circus in 2002 at the age of ten at Circus Nevermind in Zoetermeer (The Netherlands). He discovers unicycle, tight-wire and partner-acrobatics, but it is in handbalancing that he finds his true passion.
In 2010 he enters at the Acadamy for Circus and Performance Art (AcaPA), in Tilburg, the Netherlands where he specialises in handstands on canes and aerial straps. During his formation he creates various solo acts and participates in multiple collective creations.
Having finished school he takes part in a number of varying projects, such as his solo piece «Plus haut, encore plus haut».



Malina Buttgereit    Cyr Wheel

Not sure wether to become a musician, an acrobat, an artist or a doctor Malina had the idea that circus could combine all of her passions. Ok, maybe not the doctor part, but by learning about all the different ways a body can hurt and how to fix it, in a way it's also part of the job. During her four years of circus school (Acapa) in the netherlands she started to really appreciate a good massage.

Next to the summer tours with B-side she also got the chance to perform at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin for a year.



Camille Jacquot    Swinging Trapeze

Since she was a child Camilles has had a fascination for circus shows and their poetry. When she was young she took classes in circus, flute and singing. A few years later she decides that circus will be her way of expressing herself. Having finished highschool she heads of to the preparatory circus school in Lyon, and afterwards to ACaPA where she starts working with the swinging trapeze. 

The energetic nature of the swinging trapeze corresponds well with her temperament, for her it is the best way to communicate with the audience. She develops an energetic character full of humour and a tad crazy, who is not scared to let herself be heard. 

In 2016 she co-founds the company «Echo de l'Air» and their show «Ô Lampion».



Elsa Näslund    Vertical Rope

Elsa comes from Sweden. Since a very young age she loves heights, staying on the ground is a loss of time. She discovers the vertical rope and finds herself wrapped up in it. Together they explore the mysteries of loops, knots, and entanglements. She plays with space, and creates strong and fragile images using her rope.

Elsa started her jourey at Norrköpings youth circus at the age of eight and graduated from ACAPA in 2014. As long as she is up-side-down she is a happy woman, always looking at the "B-side" of life. 



Thibaud Thevenet    Hand to Hand and Juggling

Thibaud has always been intrigued by the circus and all that makes up it's contemporary forme: theatre, dance, music... He decides to become a circus artist somewhere in highschool. He teaches himself how to juggle and takes classes in music and theatre. In 2008 he enters the preparatory circus school of Lomme as a juggler. The next year he continues to Bordeaux and meets his flyer Flora. Together they practice hand-to-hand, first in Bordeaux and later at ACaPA in Tilburg. In 2015 they create their first show as a duo, «Pindakaas!»



Ezec le Floc'h    Director

He graduated from the the CNAC (Centre Natonal des Arts de Cirque) in Chalons en Champagne in 1994. Ezec le Floc'h starts his careers in «Le Cirque nu» from «Compagnie Goudard» and «Compagnie Jérôme Thomas». In 1996 he creates «Compagnie Ezec Le Floc'h» and his juggling solo with the cup and ball (Bilboquet) named «UN» that he still performs today. Thanks to his company he produces his own creations, a dozen different pieces, all over the world, in more than 40 countries. He also works as a director. In 2012 he founds a multi-talented group specialised in improvisation named "L'éthique". These days he works with around 10 different projects, be it circus, theatre or dance.

Waar dient de collecte voor

With the money we put aside while performing «TRACKS» and with the support from our Co-producers we come a long way to make this show happen. However to really get there we need your help!


If we manage to collect the €5000 this is how the money will be used:


-    €2000 for the scenography

We want to recreate the castle's garden around which the play is set. we will do so by adding an arch to the Portique, going from the masts out to the sides. On this arch will be placed a painted fabric. The middle of the Portique will have a fabric as well that can be lowered down for the swinging trapeze. The fabric will be painted to look like the walls of a castle, over grown by the plants from the garden. In front of the portique will be the stage on which most of the show will take place. In addition we will create platforms on the masts to be able to work on different heights and add to the dynamics of the show.


-    €1500 Costumes

For this show we whish to work with a costume designer to ensure the costumes add to the story. We want to have a mix between the clothing style from when the original piece was written and modern clothing.


-    €1000 Heater

Our first creation period will be in the tent from «Cie Isis», in october. They are so lovely to lend us this amazing space. For the well being of our bodies it is wise to heat a tent when working in Autumn.


-    €500 Travel Costs

We come from four different countries and travel costs pile up very quick. Please help us actually get to our residencies.


In case you donate even more than our goal? Thanks to you we will make this production even better! 


-    Food

We all know that hard physical work takes energy!


-    Posters and flyer design

Like this we can hire somebody to make our posters and flyers even more beautiful


-    Trailer

If your generosity turns out to be completely out of our imagination, we will use the rest of your donations to buy a new trailer.


The entirety of the collect will go to "L'association Les Rumeurs Qui Courent" who administers the "B-side Company". All funds will be used for the good of the creation and further support of the show.

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