Open Out - a documentary on fablabs empowering their communities

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Open Out - a documentary on fablabs empowering their communities

HELLO ALL ! Welcome to our crowdfunding page presenting our documentary project on FabLabs in Africa and South America ! Thank you so much for being here and thanks a million should you help us to achieve our objective and launch this great project <3



We're going to meet passionate people who want to change the world out of their garage. We want to understand if the collaborative economy is a viable model for our world. We'd like to understand why the world of "makers" is still so underground, even though there's more than 600 makerspaces in Europe, and they are super open to all.


As we travel, we will build piece by piece a set of resources out of which our video documentary will be the prime jewel. Our website will relay portraits and interviews of makers and entrepreneurs, and we'll post podcasts about more general questions on new technologies, the collaborative economy, a peaceful world...



We'll be interviewing:

- Gearbox in Nairobi, Kenya

- Winam Lab in Kisumu, Kenya

- Ekurhuleni FabLab near Johannesburg, South Africa,

- FIEMG in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

- Colectivo Nexo in Sao Paulo, Brazil

- Mirante Lab in Sao Paulo, Brazil

- Isvor FabLab in Sao Paulo, Brazil

- Fundacion FabLab Cordoba in Cordoba, Argentina



Who are we ?


We're Iris and Joachim, how do you do! We're two business school alumni, and we met in our school's audiovisual club, where we learned to shoot and edit films.



Iris is a people person. She's lives abroad and she came back fluent in four languages (French, English, Spanish and Portuguese). 

Joachim is super curious, and he finds everything interesting. Just this year, he learned electronics, coding, drawing and Portuguese. 


To round off our four years of business school, and to paraphrase Gandhi, we'd like to be a part of the change we want to see in the world. 

Waar dient de collecte voor

We have an 18.000€ budget for the project. Some of our sponsors have already enabled us to buy our first plane tickets and book our first hostels (thank you ! :)).


Thanks to this crowdfunding campaign, we're like to tackle the 28% of our budget that the following constitute:

-   Our trips inside the different countries (could be on bicycles, buses or cars, it all depends on you!)

-   Our filming equipment (among which a camera, two microphones, memory cards, cables, hard drives...)

-   KissKissBankBank's 8% commission ♥

-   Our vaccines

-   The website and administrative expenditures that we advanced


All of these things total up to 5.040€. We'll fill in with our own savings if we lack cash, just like we'll do for our living and flight expenses. 



If we're lucky enough to go over the 4.000€….

-       With 5.500€, we'll be able to visit another FabLab (like Woe Lab in Togo)

-       With 7.000€, we'll invest in a better post-production and better video equipment


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